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How to make sure that the ultrasonic cleaning machine can work properly?

Date: 2022-10-10Number: 232

Bacterial contamination this is a real problem, be sure to take all precautions!

If there is no ultrasonic cleaning machine, you can not have a stain on the equipment for the corresponding disinfection and sterilization. The potential risk remains if only the soiled machine is placed in the sterilizer without cleaning the ultrasonic cleaner first, because the soil on the surface of the device can shield it from bacteria and viruses. The disinfector does not clean the equipment directly, but disinfects and disinfects it.

The application of ultrasonic cleaning machine to develop a better sterilization process is a simple and effective way to achieve this goal.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

What is the role of ultrasonic cleaning?

The surface dirt of metal, ceramic, plastic, rubber and glass in medical equipment is suitable for cleaning by this ultrasonic cleaning machine. Everything from surgical and dental tools to manicures and pedicures can also be affected by microbial debris, rust and even dust.

What kind of solvents are used for ultrasonic cleaning?

Use neutral pH ultrasonic cleaning solvent in the equipment for best results. Low pH solvents can also cause corrosion. It is important to remember that this process is cleaning, not sterilizing.

Tip: you can also hand wash the tool before putting it in the ultrasonic cleaner to remove any significant debris to ensure thorough cleaning.

Does an ultrasonic cleaner qualify as a high-pressure sterilizer?

Yes! After the whole process of ultrasonic cleaning is finished, the equipment is put into the disinfector, and then the whole process of disinfection is carried out. Ultrasonic cleaning this is a special whole process, can let your equipment for the whole process of sterilization fully prepared, to ensure that all the surface are pollution-free. When adopting the whole sterilization process, the disassembly tool is generally not required.

How to make sure that the ultrasonic cleaning machine can work properly?

A simple test using a piece of aluminum foil will tell you if the detergent is in compliance.

Cut a piece of aluminum foil the size of the ultrasonic can and place the foil in the liquid, but do not touch the bottom

After about 30 seconds, a highly consistent pattern of perforations should appear on the foil.

The first thing to do before starting the ultrasonic cleaning equipment is to conduct this test and make sure to change the liquid regularly as aluminum foil can leave contaminants behind.