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How to make ultrasonic cleaning machine achieve the best cleaning effect?

Date: 2022-10-14Number: 196

The application of multi-slot body type ultrasonic cleaning machine can be a variety of products to achieve a simple and efficient cleaning, many people can not clean the seams, holes, can Be in the multi-slot body type ultrasonic cleaning machine to get the full cleaning, but now this kind of ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used. So how to let the multi-slot body type ultrasonic cleaner cleaner cleaner cleaner?

ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. Use pure water of good quality

If you want to achieve better cleaning efficiency of the multi-slot body type ultrasonic cleaning machine, then you have to consider the external pure water can not meet the requirements of purity, because the ultrasonic cleaning machine in the work, there are certain provisions for conductivity and resistance, but different water purity, its conductivity and resistance will be different, so in order to ensure the cleanliness of cleaning needs to pay attention to the quality of pure water.

2. Choose the right frequency

The multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine uses the frequency of ultrasonic wave to make the cleaning fluid produce cavitation effect, which accelerates the dissolution and peeling of dirt, grease and other stains on the cleaning product, therefore, choosing the appropriate ultrasonic frequency can also improve the efficiency of cleaning.

For example, when using water or water cleaners, the physical cleaning force caused by cavitation requires the use of low-frequency ultrasound; for small gaps, narrow slits, blind holes of parts cleaning high-frequency ultrasound effect is obvious.

3, the amount of cleaning fluid to moderate

Usually, the level of the cleaning liquid is one meter above the surface of the vibrating sub-layer, because the multi-groove ultrasonic cleaning machine is affected by the standing wave field, the vibration amplitude at the wave joint is small, and the vibration amplitude at the wave amplitude is large, in order to avoid uneven cleaning, it is necessary to pay special attention to the appropriate amount of cleaning fluid, and the position of cleaning objects can be placed in the fluctuation range, so that the cleaning effect will be better.