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How to select the correct solution of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-09-21Number: 227

Ultrasonic cleaning machines use cavitation generated by ultrasound to scrub objects made of non-absorbent materials in the research, pharmaceutical, printing, electronic, engineering and automotive industries. The higher frequency models are cleaner, more accurate, and more reliable. Some cleaners offer digital timers, power tracking, sleep patterns, and other features for critical cleaning applications.


Efficient operation of ultrasonic cleaning machines requires the selection of appropriate solutions. What hinders optimal performance? Experts recommend avoiding the following when using ultrasonic cleaning machines:

Do not place parts or containers directly at the bottom of the sink-use pallets or wires to hang items.

Do not let the cleaning fluid level below the top of the tank more than an inch.

Do not use alcohol, petrol or flammable solutions. Doing so may cause a fire or explosion. Use only water-based solutions.

Never use inorganic acids. These may damage the water tank.

Failure to comply with these precautions will invalidate your warranty.

Cavitation or reduced cleaning may result if:

Not enough detergent (always follow the instructions on how much detergent to fill)

One is to use water or some other cleaning agent that is not intended to be used as an ultrasonic cleaning solution.