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How to use and function of ultrasonic vibrating plate?

Date: 2022-10-10Number: 274

Ultrasonic shock plate composition

The ultrasonic vibrating plate consists of vibrating plate and ultrasonic generator. When the standard model of ultrasonic cleaning machine is not suitable for the designated workplace, in addition to the unique specifications can be customized. The utility model can also use an input type vibrating plate device to change into an ultrasonic cleaning machine, thereby saving the cost of the equipment and realizing the actual cleaning effect.

Ultrasonic shock plate material selection

Ultrasonic shock plate excellent material selection. All stainless steel structure alkali-resistant, acid-resistant and wear-resistant, shock plate coated with hard chromium. The Ultrasonic transducer adopts imported high-quality high-performance products with high electro-acoustic conversion efficiency. It adopts split structure, high frequency wire with socket is used to connect the seismic plate and ultrasonic generator, so it is convenient to use and maintain. The ultrasonic radiation surface can be arranged on the bottom, side or top of the groove body according to the demand.

ultrasonic vibrating plate

Use of ultrasonic shock plate

Ultrasonic shock plate is widely used, can be customized according to customer needs. Ultrasonic vibrating plate is mainly used for cleaning before plating parts, clock parts, hardware and mechanical parts, polyester filter core, semiconductor silicon chip, tools, eyeglasses, eyeglasses frame, jewelry, glass, containers and other industries.

Working principle of ultrasonic vibrating plate

The working principle of the ultrasonic vibrating plate is very special. An ultrasonic generator emits a high-frequency oscillating signal, which is transmitted to the medium by converting the transducer into a high-frequency mechanical oscillation, when the sound pressure reaches the specified value, the bubble will grow rapidly and close suddenly, and when the sound pressure reaches the specified value, the bubble will grow rapidly and close suddenly, when the bubble closes, a shock wave forms around it, creating thousands of atmospheric pressures that destroy the insoluble dirt and disperse it in the cleaning fluid. When the particles are coated in oil and adhere to the surface of the cleaning piece, the oil is emulsified and the solid particles are separated, thus realizing the goal of cleaning the surface of the cleaning parts.

Common points for attention of ultrasonic vibrating plate

Matters needing attention in the operation of ultrasonic vibrating plate. Must be in the tank body liquid not over the time of the ultrasonic shock plate can be turned on. Ultrasonic shock plate placed one-time above eight hours, if there is a continuous operation, proposed to run for more than four hours, a break to continue to run. Regular cleaning tank body to ensure that the surface cleaning. Equipment does not work for a long time, must idle, usually half a month or once a month to run.