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How to use the ultrasonic cleaning machine!

Date: 2022-09-07Number: 255

Ultrasonic cleaning is to use in the liquid emitting a large enough amount of ultrasonic energy, so that the liquid inside the formation of“Cavitation effect.”. The basic principle of ultrasonic cleaning is to produce“Cavitation effect” in the cleaning liquid, liquid bubble formation and cracking to form a strong impact force, used to eliminate the material surface residue, stains and greasy.

Besides its cleaning function, the ultrasonic cleaning machine also has several functions such as refining, emulsifying, accelerating melting, crushing, dispersing and so on. Widely used in: mechanical equipment, electronic devices, plastics, instrumentation equipment, pharmaceutical, packaging, military, aerospace and other fields of production, manufacturing and maintenance cleaning; Cleaning of plastic straw, nozzle and container, degassing before chromatography, cleaning of medical machinery, biomedical materials and apparatus, cleaning of jewelry, jewelry, precious metals, glasses, etc. 

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How to use the ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1. Refer to the installation instruction of the ultrasonic cleaning machine

Connect the temperature control sensor signal line, ultrasonic drive line, heater control line and other lines between the electric control cabinet and the host, and connect to the 380VAC host power supply, equipped with washing machine upper pipe, drain pipe and overflow discharge pipe.

2. Ultrasonic cleaning pool water

Add appropriate amount of water to the cleaning pool, the height of the liquid to immerse in the parts to be cleaned as the standard, not more than 4% of the cleaning pool

3. Ultrasonic cleaning heating

Run the electric heating switch and align the white scale on the water temperature adjusting knob to the proper temperature (about 60 ° C) . The maximum temperature of the detergent should not exceed 70 ° C in the use of the washing machine.

4. Add detergent to the ultrasonic cleaner

When the water temperature rises to about 40 °C, add the cleaning agent for UC-O3 spare parts to the cleaning pool (usually about 5kg once) , gently stir the water to melt it (you can also run an ultrasound or turn on the gas configuration to stir) .

Preparation of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Before cleaning the most appropriate bamboo knife parts of the surface of the dirt (such as dust cover surface will have some dust, cylinder-type parts in the shell curve transition will be left a lot of thick and easy to remove the oil and dirt) a simple clean up, in order to increase the use of cleaning fluid life.

High-precision ultrasonic cleaning is possible, but the amount of Waste treatment in the sludge is poor. Therefore, yellow mud or sludge should be removed as far as possible during the preparation process.