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How to use the ultrasonic cleaning machine in the laboratory

Date: 2022-09-19Number: 183

As a special ultrasonic cleaning machine for laboratory equipment, although it is a basic equipment in the laboratory, it has a great effect and can even affect the actual effect of the whole experiment, proficiency in the ultrasonic cleaning machine operating methods, maintenance and maintenance factors is the necessary laboratory skills.

ultrasonic cleaning machine for laboratory equipment

The basic principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine

The ultrasonic cleaning machine uses the basic principle of ultrasonic cavitation. When the bubbles formed by the ultrasonic wave suddenly burst, it can also produce more than 1000 atmospheric pressures, such persistence results in the displacement of manpower by intense micro-explosions and shock waves, which prompt the destruction and immediate fall of the dirt on the cleaned surface.

Before the standard use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, the operator to understand the existence of the value of machinery and equipment. There are three main types of ultrasound, namely infrasound, sound wave, ultrasound. The frequency of infrasound is below 20Hz, the frequency of sound wave is 20Hz ~ 20kHz, and the frequency of ultrasonic wave is above 20kHz.

Infrasound and ultrasonic waves are usually inaudible to the human ear. Sound wave because of high frequency, short wavelength, so the direction of transmission is good, through the ability is very strong, which is why the production of ultrasonic cleaning machine the main reason.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly composed of ultrasonic cleaning trough and ultrasonic generator. The ultrasonic cleaning tank has the advantages of firmness, toughness, corrosion resistance and so on. The bottom of the tank is provided with a Ultrasonic transducer vibrator. Ultrasonic waves can be transmitted to the transducer through a cable connection, which, along with the vibrating plate, causes a high-frequency resonance that allows the solvent in the tank to be Sonication to clean the stain.

Operation Method of ultrasonic cleaning machine

When using this product, it is important for the operator to implement the following standards in a phased manner.

First, connect the cable between the cleaning tank and the generator;

Secondly, the cleaning fluid into the sink, it should be noted that the amount of the cleaning fluid into the clean into the thing, the liquid level position is about three-quarters of the overall. Then put the cleaned machine into the cleaning tank and plug in the power plug;

Finally, set the cleaning time, and then boot.

There are a few things to be aware of when applying a product:

First of all, ultrasonic cleaning machine power and electric heater power supply must have a good grounding protection device.

Second, the ultrasonic cleaning machine is prohibited without cleaning fluid boot, in other words, clean cylinder without adding a certain amount of cleaning fluid, you can not cover the ultrasonic power switch;

Thirdly, the cleaning equipment with heating equipment is forbidden to open the heating power switch when there is no liquid;

Fourth, you can not use heavy things to clean the bottom of the cylinder collision, in order to prevent damage to the energy converter chip.

Cleaning is not ideal for the main reason

First of all, the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning tank cleaning liquid level is not good, which will cause cleaning is not ideal, to adjust the cleaning machine liquid level to change the actual effect of cleaning clean.

Second, the frequency coordination of ultrasound did not debug the correct ultrasonic cleaning machine is prone to clean is not ideal, must be re-planning.

Third, if the cleaning tank liquid temperature is too high, will also cause cleaning is not ideal, so to keep the environmental temperature of cleaning solution.

Fourth, the use of unreasonable cleaning fluid is also a cause of the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning is not ideal for a reason, it is necessary to choose the appropriate cleaning fluid.

In fact, ultrasonic high-speed vibration can clean and sterilize the surface of clean objects, cavitation effect is significant, cleaning efficiency is much higher than human cleaning clean, and there is no dead-end cleaning and damage. But these actual results are all based on the correct operating procedures and scientific, reasonable and efficient work environment. Therefore, in order to achieve a better cleaning effect, the operator should pay attention to some practical operating matters.

Daily Maintenance and maintenance

1. To maintain the natural ventilation, dry, clean, conducive to long-term normal operation of machinery and equipment and optimize working conditions;

2. When the cleaning liquid is too dirty, it should be handled properly. Cleaning the stains in the cleaning tank and storage tank on time and maintaining the cleanliness of the inside and outside of the cleaning tank can improve the durability of the cleaning tank

3. Electrical control box and equipment vent away from steam, corrosive substances, dust, dust on a regular basis with Compressed air cleaning;

Four. Timely test the insulation performance of equipment, for aging electrical components regularly maintenance, check the grounding wire to ensure good grounding of machinery and equipment this project must be carried out by professional experience of electricians;

5. Test the power supply on time, make sure the power supply voltage is in accordance with the machine, bypass the unstable power supply too high or too low to work for a long time;

6. A machine containing a filtering device to replace the filter element periodically;

Seven. If the transmission mechanism is included, the lubricant such as butter and oil should be added on time and the gear oil of the reducer should be changed regularly to ensure that the moving parts work in good lubrication environment.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine maintenance elements

1. In the cleaning process, we should pay attention to a lot of places, especially from the ultrasonic control cabinet top of the air intake splash conductive liquid (such as water) , otherwise it will cause serious impact on the cleaning machine circuit system;

2. Normally placed, to always pay attention to maintain the equipment clean, can not be used when the power off;

3. Our equipment is not crash-resistant equipment, so the application of the case, must avoid the collision of the machine or violent vibration;

Four. Equipment high-temperature environment, the electronic components and circuits are not very good, so must be far away from the heat source;

5. On the premise of keeping away from the heat source, we should also prevent the equipment from being placed in a humid environment;

6. The continuous operation of the equipment shall not exceed 4 hours, if the continuous operation time is too long:

Should rotate the ultrasonic adjustment knob to“0” position, and let the cooling fan continue to work, in the case of ultrasonic cleaning does not start for ultrasonic control cabinet for continuous cooling at least 2 minutes;

Seven. After a long-term operation of the washing machine, the power knob should first be adjusted to zero before shutdown, the use of its fan and then work in 3 -6 minutes after shutdown to ensure that the internal heat of the power supply;

8. Cleaning fluid should be deposited, filtered or replaced in time to ensure that the actual effect of cleaning clean.

Want to make the system cleaning machine long-term normal work, in addition to must avoid non-operating specifications, but also need to regularly check the cleaning machine for maintenance and maintenance, do the following work in the following areas:

Phase 1 cleaning of contaminated oil storage tank cleaning fluid.

2 let the gasoline pump run on time once, each time at least 10 minutes above.

3 after the use of washing machine cover with the cover, do a good job of anti-fouling and waterproof moisture-proof workers.

The above is about the ultrasonic cleaning machine daily operation, maintenance and maintenance elements, in general, and other equipment maintenance is no different, but there are many applications to pay attention to the problems can not be ignored, this is very worthy of special attention. Only good application of ultrasonic cleaning machine, to ensure the normal application of ultrasonic cleaning machine.