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Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine operation process

Date: 2022-10-26Number: 257

As a cleaning instrument, ultrasonic cleaning machine is the basic equipment in the laboratory. Although it is very common, it has a huge effect and can even affect the whole experimental results. Therefore, master the ultrasonic cleaning machine daily operation, maintenance and maintenance points is the basic skills of the laboratory.

The basic principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine

The ultrasonic cleaning machine uses the basic principle of ultrasonic cavitation, when the bubbles formed by the ultrasonic wave burst suddenly, also can produce more than 1000 atmospheric pressure, this continuous generation of strong micro-blasting and shock waves in place of artificial, to facilitate the cleaning of the surface of the stain was destroyed, and immediately peeled off.

Before the standard use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, operators must understand the existence of the value of equipment. Under normal circumstances, ultrasound can have three kinds, namely infrasound, sound wave, ultrasound. Infrasound frequency is below 20Hz, acoustic frequency is 20Hz ~ 20kHz, ultrasonic frequency is above 20kHz.

In this case, infrasound and ultrasound, the human ear generally can not hear. Because of the high frequency and short wavelength of ultrasonic, so the direction of transmission is good, strong penetration, which is why the design and production of ultrasonic cleaning machine the main reason.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly composed of the ultrasonic cleaning trough and the ultrasonic generator. The ultrasonic cleaning tank is strong, elastic and corrosion-resistant. It is equipped with a Ultrasonic transducer oscillator at the bottom. Ultrasonic waves can be transmitted to the transducer through a cable connection, which, in turn, resonates at high frequencies with the vibrating plate, allowing the organic solvent in the tank to be Sonication to clean the stain.

Operation Flow

When using this equipment, operators must strictly follow the following criteria for phased operation.

First, the cable between the slot body and the generator is connected;

Secondly, the cleaning liquid will be poured into the tank, it should be noted that the amount of the cleaning liquid into the cleaning object, the position of the liquid surface is about three-quarters of the overall. Then the cleaned object is put into the tank body, and the power plug is inserted;

Finally, set the cleaning time, and then boot.

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine

There are a few other things you should be aware of when using your device:

First, the power supply of the ultrasonic bottle washing machine and the power supply of the electric heater must have a better grounding device;

Second, the ultrasonic washing machine is prohibited without cleaning fluid boot, in other words, cleaning cylinder and did not add a certain amount of cleaning fluid, you can not close the ultrasonic switch;

Thirdly, the cleaning equipment with heating equipment is forbidden to open the heating switch when there is no liquid;

Fourth, you can not use the impact of heavy cleaning cylinder bottom, in order to prevent damage to the energy converter chip.

The main reason for the unsatisfactory cleaning

First, the ultrasonic washing machine tank body cleaning fluid level is not good, which will cause less than satisfactory cleaning, to adjust the washing machine fluid level to change the cleaning effect.

Second, the frequency coordination of ultrasound is not good and easy to appear ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning unsatisfactory, must be re-adjusted.

Third, if the tank body liquid temperature is too high, will also cause cleaning unsatisfactory, so to control the temperature of cleaning fluid.

Fourth, the use of poor cleaning fluid is also a cause of unsatisfactory cleaning ultrasonic cleaning machine, must choose the cleaning fluid for their own.

In fact, the high-speed vibration of ultrasound can clean and sterilize the surface of cleaning objects, cavitation effect is obvious, cleaning efficiency is much higher than manual cleaning, and there is no cleaning blind area and destruction. But these effects are all based on the correct operating process and reasonable and effective production environment. Therefore, in order to achieve better cleaning effect, operators must pay attention to some operational matters.

Daily Maintenance

1. To maintain the ventilation, drying and cleanliness of the equipment workplace, which is beneficial to the long-term efficient operation of the equipment and optimization of working conditions;

2. When the washing liquid is too dirty, it should be handled properly, and the stains in the tank body and storage tank should be cleaned on time to maintain the cleanliness of the inside and outside of the washing tank, which helps to improve the durability of the washing tank

3. Electrical control box and equipment vent away from steam, corrosive substances, dust, dust on time with Compressed air;

Four. Timely test equipment insulation performance, for easy aging electrical components periodic inspection, check the grounding wire, ensure that the equipment is well grounded this project should be carried out by professional experience of electricians;

5. Test the power supply on time, determine the power supply voltage to meet the requirements of the equipment, bypass the high or low unstable power supply under long-term work;

6. The equipment with the filter device, the timely replacement of the filter element;

Seven. With transmission mechanism, should be required to add butter, oil and other lubricants, timely replacement gear reducer oil, ensure that the movement of the parts in good lubrication conditions to work.

The main points of ultrasonic cleaning machine maintenance

1. In the cleaning process, we should pay attention to a lot of places, especially forbidden from the top of the ultrasonic control cabinet air intake into conductive liquid (such as water) , otherwise it will cause serious impact on the cleaning machine circuit system;

2. Usually placed, to always pay attention to the maintenance of machine cleaning, can not be used when the power off;

3. Washing machine equipment is not crash-resistant products, so in use, must avoid the machine collision or violent vibration;

Four. Machine in the high temperature, the electronic components and circuits are not very good, so must be far away from the heat source;

5. Keep the machine away from this heat source while preventing it from being placed in a humid environment;

6. The machine can not run continuously for more than 4 hours, if the continuous running time is too long:

Seven. After a long time running washing machine, before the shutdown should first power knob to zero, the use of its fan and then work for 3 -6 minutes after shutdown to ensure that the internal heat of the power supply;

8. Cleaning fluid should be deposited, filtered or replaced in time to ensure the cleaning effect.

Want to make the system cleaning machine long-term normal operation, in addition to be sure to avoid non-standard operation, but also need to regularly check the cleaning machine for maintenance and maintenance, do the following work:

Clean the contaminated cleaning fluid of the oil storage tank regularly.

2 let the oil pump run on time once, each time at least 10 minutes.

3 after the use of washing machine cover with the cover, do a good job of anti-fouling and moisture-proof work.

The above is about the ultrasonic cleaning machine routine operation, maintenance and maintenance of the key points, in a word, and other equipment maintenance is no different, but in the use of attention to have a lot of problems can not be ignored, this also requires special attention. Only good use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, to ensure that all the normal use of ultrasonic cleaning machine.