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Maintenance of table-top ultrasonic cleaning machine common methods

Date: 2022-08-20Number: 270

As the most commonly used ultrasonic cleaning machine, the formal desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine has been praised because of its high-tech products have brought significant benefits to people, so you can see it in a lot of areas. However, if the desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine can not be properly maintained, then its service life will be correspondingly shortened, so timely maintenance is essential. The maintenance methods of the desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine are as follows:

                                                                                                table-top ultrasonic cleaning machine
1. First of all, the reliable desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine should be placed in a stable ventilation, every time water and drainage and maintenance of the desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine should be turned off the power, also need to be unplugged in time.
2. Do your job well. After daily operation of the table-top ultrasonic cleaning machine, need to clean the surface and cavity wipe with clean wrung soft cloth, and rust and dirt removal should wear acid and alkali gloves. Must pay attention to avoid using steel ball or hard brush to wipe, so as not to cause damage to the desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine.
3. Remove the scale and rust in the inner cavity of the table-top ultrasonic cleaning machine regularly. The proportion of the scale-removing agent or the rust-removing agent should be strictly in accordance with the use instructions, and according to the relevant process of descaling and rust removal: turn off the power → drain the inner cavity water → close the drain valve → wipe with the appropriate proportion of descaling agent or descaling agent solution → rinse the descaling agent or descaling agent with clean water → dry with a clean cloth after the water drain.
4. Regularly check whether the valve of the table ultrasonic cleaner is working normally, check the method according to the manufacturer's instructions, if the table ultrasonic cleaner is abnormal, on the need for timely reporting or timely recruitment of professional maintenance. In addition, the temperature sensor of the instrument needs to be calibrated annually (by professional maintenance personnel) .
All of the above are common methods to maintain the desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine, if users strictly follow the above points to operate, then it can effectively extend the use of desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine life, it also minimizes some maintenance costs. So to master some maintenance skills for each user is beneficial and harmless.