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Matters needing attention in the application of ultrasonic hardware cleaning machine

Date: 2022-08-18Number: 251

Matters needing attention in the application of ultrasonic hardware cleaning machine
It can be said that the more advanced modern technology, the more their living standards have been greatly improved, such as their means of transportation: planes, ships, trains, high-speed rail, subways, buses, and so on, private cars, and so on. Many times, in order to ensure and increase the service life of goods, this kind of transportation tool will carry out reasonable daily maintenance and maintenance on time. The parts and accessories of this kind of products can be several tens or hundreds of kilograms in size, at least a few or two milligrams, in addition to oil dirt stains work intensity and not in place to clean, the application of ultrasonic cleaning will be more cost-effective, want to know about the application of ultrasonic hardware cleaning machine need to pay attention to matters.


ultrasonic hardware cleaning machine

Wechat screenshot. PNG something/n/nUltrasonic hardware cleaning machine cleaning:
Ultrasonic hardware cleaning machine it is a use of ultrasonic cleaning fluid formed by cavitation, according to the cavitation of gas generated by the expansion of kinetic energy to become soft, free from dirt, through continuous impact effect to achieve the actual cleaning effect, due to the high specificity of ultrasonic wave, wave amplitude is slightly shorter, wave amplitude is concentrated, for cleaning the surface of the object has a high Factor of safety of dirt.
Work at the right frequency:
Ultrasonic cleaning machine low frequency in the 28 khz-15 khz frequency, it is very strong cavitation, cleaning rough, clean the surface design of the metal parts relatively flat; high frequency refers to the frequency above 40 khz, its cavitation is very gentle, cleaning carefully detailed, suitable surface design is more complex, there are deep holes, blind holes, grooves, gaps of precision hardware parts, high-frequency cleaning ensures that items are Factor of safety and that there are no pitting on the surface, reducing property damage.
The right power:
The selection of power plays an important role in the use of ultrasonic hardware cleaning machine. When the power is large, it will increase the cavitation effect of the cleaning machine and directly improve the cleaning force, when the power is small, the side reduces the cavitation effect of the washer, suitable for cleaning in precision hardware.
The cleanser should be appropriate:
Under normal circumstances, the concentration and viscosity of the cleaning solution will affect the generation of ultrasonic cavitation, and also prevent part of the vacuum gas expansion is the energy generated, is the kinetic energy can not be effective to the surface of the cleaning matter, in the end, the lower the concentration of cleaning fluid, the better the actual effect of ultrasonic cleaning.
Clean at the right temperature:
Temperature control use ultrasonic hardware cleaning machine need to pay attention to things that are inevitable operating procedures, for some unique materials, such as glasses, jewelry, mechanical watches, etc. do not play heating, can clean directly; for light oil soiled items, can ultrasonic cleaning machine adjustment temperature lower, generally in 10 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius can be; for heavy oil soiled items, ultrasonic cleaning machine can be adjusted to 50 degrees Celsius or so, on the softening of oil stains and decomposition has a very large promotion, cleaning the actual effect will be more obvious.
In the purchase of ultrasonic cleaning machine new and old customers can be particularly serious about the application of ultrasonic hardware cleaning machines need to pay attention to matters, to the ultrasonic frequency, power, cleaning fluid, temperature on the selection and regulation of learning, can have a great help to the maintenance of ultrasound.