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Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine application field

Date: 2022-08-29Number: 198

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for medical device industry, scientific research institutions, pharmaceutical companies of special-purpose cleaning machinery and equipment. The ultrasonic cleaning machine uses the high-frequency oscillating signal produced by the ultrasonic generator, which is transmitted into the substance-cleaning solution by the vibration of the ultrasonic oscillator into the high-frequency mechanical equipment, in the cleaning fluid, the ultrasonic wave radiates forward, which makes the liquid flow appear countless tiny bubbles, which are produced and developed in the negative pressure region during the whole process of transmission, and quickly closed in the positive pressure area. The shock wave caused by the rupture of numerous tiny cavitation bubbles is called cavitation, and the resulting high pressure is like a series of"Explosions" constantly impacting the surface of the material, make material surface and the dirt in the crevice fall off quickly, in order to achieve the effect that the article surface purifies processing. The medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is a branch of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, working frequency at 40 khz, the power of each ultrasonic oscillator at 50 watts, this can maximize the maintenance of the washed medical machinery will not be damaged, can completely clean the surgical treatment machinery and equipment and surgical treatment accessories of all kinds of dirt, eliminate the problem of inadequate manual cleaning, at the same time, the maintenance of the relevant staff will not be contaminated and infected, is one of the essential medical equipment.

                                                                                                            Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine as ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment in the hospital professional application field, solve environmental pollution equipment cleaning, rinsing, oiling, drying treatment, etc. , compared with the basic ultrasonic cleaning machine and equipment can not be compared with the technical characteristics. The medical ultrasonic cleaning machine selects the most advanced digital circuit design and integrated circuit chip in the world at this stage. Make the product structure novel, excellent power supply circuit, reliable work, high efficiency, low noise and cleanliness of strong characteristics, widely used in hospitals and other basic medical institutions operating rooms, chemical laboratories, testing laboratories, hospital supply rooms, dental, disinfection center and other hospital departments. The cleaning of deep hole, blind hole and concave-convex groove of medical machinery is the most ideal machine equipment. Digital LCD control start-up time all stainless steel shell, liner and outer cover, appears to improve the high-end waterproof function greatly, enterprise products more secure and long-term, with heating and constant temperature system automatic water intake and drainage system, faster, all stainless steel SUS304 cleaning basket for medical machinery.
Application area
It is mainly used in medical operation blade, medical tweezers, surgical forceps, endoscopic biopsy forceps, syringe needles, various injection needles, test tubes, glass slides, dressing bowls, various plates, drums, pressure gauges and other radioactive substances, environmental hazards, large quantities, high-quality immersion cleaning, disinfection and so on, is the hospital operating room, the hospital supply room and the disinfection center and the scientific research institution, the pharmaceutical company's laboratory, the chemical laboratory essential machine equipment.