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Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine in the hospital professional application field

Date: 2022-09-09Number: 182

The actual effect of medical instrument cleaning is closely related to patients' life and health, hospital infection and the quality of medical care. Cleaning is a key step in the medical device reprocessing process (recycling, classification, cleaning, sterilization, inspection, packaging, storage, distribution) , are the main link of medical equipment from pollution to cleanliness.

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine

Therefore, cleaning becomes the most important step before sterilization and disinfection in medical machinery reprocessing. The advantages of proper cleaning treatment, scientific and reasonable cleaning methods, scientific and reasonable cleaning process and correct operation of cleaning machinery are as follows:

  • Completely eliminate the surface of the device stains and microbial species, to prevent the formation of biofilm, to ensure the quality of bacteria;

  • Ensure that medical equipment is clean and aseptic testing for sterilizing devices is performed;

  • The corrosivity level of the instrument can be reduced to the greatest extent;

  • Can minimize the operator's good chance of being infected;

  • To avoid causing environmental pollution in the environment.

01 to eliminate organic compounds

It is the most difficult to remove the organic matter attached to the medical machinery in the cleaning process, which is better than disinfection and sterilization, because the existence of organic matter will affect the disinfection and sterilization of the medical machinery, all residual macromolecular substances such as blood clots, pus, proteins, mucus, oil stains, etc. can prevent microbial species and bacteria media reasonable and effective contact, and also can produce the protective film of the pathogen and affect the actual effect of sterilization, resulting in chemical disinfection, gas, steam, warm air, and its low-temperature sterilization failure.

In the cleaning process, medical machines such as laparoscope, laryngoscope, gastroscope, scalpel, surgical needle and dental hand, which can be used repeatedly, a critical stage is the clean removal of organic compounds, which may cause severe disease in patients and deterioration of their device properties. Medical devices/raw materials such as disposable trauma prostheses, orthopedic screws, spinal prostheses, torsion springs, blood transfusion bellows, X-ray targets and X-ray tubes must demonstrate that clinical contaminants are effectively removed and no live microbial species are present.

According to the different types and characteristics of equipment, for high-temperature, humidity-resistant equipment and objects can be used to clean mechanical equipment, for high-precision complex equipment can be used to clean. In order to ensure the actual effect of cleaning, usually using manual (pre) cleaning and mechanical equipment cleaning of the fusion method.

02 manual (Pre-RRB- cleaning

Manual (pre -) cleaning, it is used in CSSD for pre-treatment before machine washing and wetting dry stains solution. The utility model is mainly used for pre-wet and hot soaking before cleaning the mechanical equipment and the apparatus which can not be treated by the cleaning method of the apparatus.

Correct pre-immersion can reduce the difficulty of cleaning coefficient, the world attaches great importance to the pre-immersion practice, most of the domestic medical institutions are the process. It is mainly used for cleaning high-precision and complicated equipment and basic solution of serious organic pollution equipment. After careful observation of the practical effects of various cleaning methods, it is found that the use of manual cleaning can not only ensure the quality of cleaning, but also save the cost of cleaning and improve efficiency.

It is necessary to disassemble the components that can be disassembled from the complicated apparatus, and carefully clean the pipes, clearances, tooth grooves and bone joints, etc. , then change the cleaning machine to ensure that the actual effect of cleaning.

At the detergent level, multi-enzyme cleaning agents are used to reduce the Denaturation of contaminants on the surface of the device. Neutral cleaning agent on metal material corrosion resistance, alkaline cleaning agent on a variety of organic compounds have a good removal effect, on metal material corrosion is small, not easy to accelerate rust.

03 machinery and equipment cleaning

Mechanical equipment cleaning common medical ultrasonic cleaning machine, is an essential medical machinery and equipment. It is also mainly used in medical industry, scientific research institutions, pharmaceutical companies of the special-purpose cleaning machinery. Mainly used for metal equipment, glass containers and other hard equipment (but not suitable for rubber and soft plastic material equipment cleaning) .

The medical ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean the pre-cleaned instrument thoroughly and reach the place where the manual cleaning goes, such as the blind area of the instrument. At the same time, it is also an alternative solution to the traditional method of cleaning medical machinery by high-pressure steam. Many optical fiber components commonly used in modern medical machinery can not be cleaned by high-pressure steam, because high temperature will destroy them. Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine can achieve high-pressure steam cleaning can not reach the most complex surface, and its prosthesis every surface layer.

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine as ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment in the hospital professional application field, solve environmental pollution equipment cleaning, rinsing, oiling, drying, etc. , compared with the basic ultrasonic cleaning machine and equipment can not be compared with the technical characteristics. It is suitable for cleaning, pre-sterilizing and dry treatment of medical instruments such as minimally invasive surgical instruments, basic instruments, anesthesia instruments, various specialized instruments, etc. , the actual cleaning effect is better than the existing ultrasonic cleaning machine and spray cleaning agent.

04 cleaning cases

The ultrasonic water-based cleaning machine can realize the thorough immersion cleaning of medical machine parts. Cleaning, passivation and purification processes can be integrated into the cleaning work to meet the requirements of more stringent cleanliness standards. Such as hip and knee prosthesis must be effectively cleansed program to completely remove microbial species. Multi-tank ultrasonic water-based cleaning system can meet such requirements, the system has filtering, continuous cascade overflow rinsing, automatic handling, data tracking, sterilization and other functions and configuration of 100% drying equipment.