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Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine scope of application

Date: 2022-09-21Number: 178

Now, compared with other cleaning methods at this stage, ultrasonic cleaning machine has great advantages. At present, the high efficiency and cleanliness of ultrasonic cleaning machine is attributed to the penetration force and shock wave generated by its sound wave propagating in the medium. Therefore, the high-profile ultrasonic cleaning machine has been loved by various industries, then, heat-resistant and wear-resistant ultrasonic cleaning machine is more applicable to which industries?

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine

The metal industry

As we all know, metal equipment manufacturing by extrusion into wire, the outside of the wire usually covered with carbonized film and its oil, and the general acid cleaning is difficult to remove oil. But the high-quality ultrasonic cleaning machine can be tailored to the actual output needs of a continuous line and high-efficiency cleaning machinery to ensure that the wire after the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning oil removal.

The pharmaceutical industry

At present, the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning technology through the widespread use of many pharmaceutical enterprises and rapid development. The ultrasonic cleaning machine with better characteristics can realize the high-level cleaning of the products such as penicillin bottle, oral liquid bottle, natural rubber stopper and so on. But for bottle cleaning, the ultrasonic cleaning can replace the original brush machine, and the ultrasonic cleaning machine through multiple steps to achieve a relatively high degree of cleaning, such as: Rotary irrigation, ultrasonic cleaning, inside and outside cleaning and other system processes.

Phosphating treatment industry

According to the normal conditions, the equipment processing now usually uses acid solution to treat the workpieces, but after the goods are sprayed, the cracks of the new product are rusted and the coating surface is damaged to seriously endanger the appearance and quality of the product. Therefore, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning products, so that both the surface of the equipment can get the surface cracks of the stain off quickly and its coating coating solid and can not rust.

In general, the market demand for ultrasonic cleaning machine is large, not only for the industry, and in addition to the above-mentioned detailed explanation of these areas of application, ultrasonic cleaning machine is also used in the service industry, railway transport industry, electrical products cleaning and precision cleaning of the movement parts and so on. It can be seen that a wide range of ultrasonic cleaning machines are involved in a wide range of categories.