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Multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine features?

Date: 2022-09-15Number: 245

The ultrasonic cleaning machine has two main core components: the transducer and the generator. The main function of the generator is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and to match the Ultrasonic transducer with high-frequency alternating current signals, which drive the Ultrasonic transducer to emit vibrations of a certain frequency, usually this frequency is fixed. The most common ultrasound frequencies on the market are 28 khz and 40 khz; 28 khz means 28,000 vibrations per second, and 40 khz is the same. Of course, there are manufacturers developed 68 khz, 80 khz, 100 khz, 120 khz frequency ultrasonic cleaning equipment. This kind of ultrasonic wave is called high frequency ultrasound, which is more than 40KHz. It is widely used in many fields, such as medicine, optics, Biology and life science, polymer, new material science and so on.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

Multi-frequency ultrasound features:

In the case of ultrasonic cleaning, when the frequency of ultrasonic wave is relatively high, the cavitation intensity generated in the liquid is low and the density is large, and can reach deeper grooves, slits and deep holes; while when the frequency of ultrasonic wave is relatively low, high cavitation strength, the number of bubbles is small, the object surface cleaning effect is large. In the cleaning process, according to different cleaning needs to choose different frequency of equipment.

Use of multi-frequency ultrasound:

For the heavy dirt, it is recommended to use low-frequency cleaning, and for those who require higher surface cleanliness and complex structure of objects, low-frequency ultrasound can not basically reach the small deep hole. The multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine combines the advantages of high-frequency ultrasonic and low-frequency ultrasonic, and overcomes the problem of uneven cleaning caused by single-frequency ultrasonic cleaning, its simple, easy to convert the characteristics of the majority of consumers also love.