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Some misunderstandings about the use of ultrasonic cleaning machines

Date: 2022-10-24Number: 162

I believe that we are familiar with the ultrasonic cleaning machine can be completely removed in a short period of time these adhere to the surface of the workpiece stains, traces of oil, etc. . Using ultrasonic cleaning, with faster cleaning speed, obvious effect, ease labor efficiency, reduce costs and so on, so in recent years there has been a wave of waves of selection of ultrasonic cleaning machine wave, it is widely used in surface coating solutions, machinery, electronics, medical, semiconductors, watches and jewelry, optics, textile printing and dyeing and other industries. So when using ultrasonic cleaning machine, should pay attention to what?

ultrasonic cleaning machine

01 to prevent water-free start

When using ultrasonic cleaning machine, must first put into the liquid, pour the liquid to have certain height in the tank body, to ensure that the cleaning machine can not be started in the air, in order to prevent damage to the equipment. Remember that it is forbidden to start the equipment first and then pour the liquid into it. This is also an operational error, which can shorten the service life of the equipment, and sometimes directly destroy the equipment. At the same time, the liquid should be poured at room temperature. If the high-temperature liquid is poured directly into the tank body, the sensor may become loose or fall off, interfering with the use of the cleaning machine.

02 cleaning agent selection

According to the cleaning of the workpiece materials and cleaning efficacy is not the same, cleaning agent selection is not the same. Many customers use ultrasonic cleaning products when wash out, are mistaken for equipment problems, in fact, the vast majority of the reason is that the detergent is not used properly.

What should we clean on the workpiece, must achieve what kind of a cleanliness in other words, what are the rules of the surface are different, for example: if there are special requirements for rust, can choose solvent cleaning agent; if it is rust-resistant non-sensitive, can choose water-based cleaning agent. Only find the right detergent, proportionally matched to add to the tank body cleaning, the workpiece surface cleaning will be more efficient and cleaner.

03 keep the tank clean

Every time after the cleaning work should be in time to deal with the tank body stains, oil stains, and so on, to maintain the tank body clean, so as to effectively increase the use of ultrasound, reduce the rate of equipment failure.

04 to prevent scratch vibration plate

The cavitation of ultrasonic wave can cause cavitation on the surface of stainless steel, so the manufacturer usually hardens the surface of vibration box by coating. If the surface of the coating is damaged, cavitation is more likely to occur at this location, and then affect the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

05 the condition of the equipment

The normal operation of ultrasonic cleaning machine must have a safe and healthy working environment, so it will be conducive to the smooth cleaning operation.

For example, when we clean harmful substances is in a closed environment, so that harmful substances need to pass through everyone's respiratory tract into the body, causing harm to human health. Therefore, when we buy ultrasonic cleaning machine, it should be placed in a dry, ventilated, clean environment. Avoid heat sources and prevent exposure to moisture.

Generally speaking, if we want to fully mobilize all aspects of the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine, so that its work to play its greater efficiency, we must pay attention to the actual operation of the common points for attention.