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Ten points for attention in using ultrasonic cleaning machine

Date: 2022-10-18Number: 258

Nowadays, ultrasonic cleaning machine gradually forms a kind of perfect cleaning method, its application group is still growing, different kinds of different manufacturers have different performance and equipped with different ultrasonic cleaning equipment, no matter what type of ultrasonic cleaning machine is used, the following 10 details are necessary to pay attention to.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

01, first-time application personnel must read the manufacturer's instruction manual, according to the specific content of the instruction to connect equipment.

02, cleaning machine tank must add a certain level of cleaning fluid, no liquid on the chance to destroy the equipment, different models of cleaning fluid different minimum level, general manufacturers are marked with the minimum level line. Cleaning fluid and not easy to overfill, marked with the general best overflow is in the overflow port, no general is in the tank 2/3.

03, the best, can not use strong acid corrosion tank cleaning agent, flammable and explosive articles cleaning agent to choose with explosion-proof equipment cleaning equipment.

04, very easy to sink the cleaning work should be equipped with a grid or bracket, otherwise it will reduce cleaning performance and interfere with the life of equipment.

05, cleaning workpiece scientific and reasonable placement, try not to stack.

06, the power frequency regulation type equipment, the power is not the bigger the smaller, according to the cleaning workpiece characteristics and cleaning difficulty adjustment cleaning power; Continue to use the higher frequency band for fine cleaning.

07, keep the Ultrasonic transducer and the generator clean. The ultrasonic cleaning equipment should be well cooled.

08, cleaning machine to excellent grounding, must pay attention to do not have to wait for electrical disassembly cleaning machine.

09, after cleaning, first turn off the ultrasound and then the cleaning of the workpiece and cleaning fluid removed.

10, do not use for a long time, the equipment to wipe clean, dry easy ventilation place.