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The basic operation method of ultrasonic cleaning machine is introduced in detail

Date: 2022-09-09Number: 260

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is currently recognized the best cleaning effect of cleaning equipment, the use of ultrasonic principle cleaning products simple and rapid, the operation method is very simple:

Ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. Must put the cleaning objects into the washing basket, and then put the cleaning basket into the washing tank, can not put the objects immediately into the washing tank, to prevent damage to the equipment and cleaning the actual effect.

2. For different products or cleaning effect, according to the proportion of the distribution into the cleaning solution, water or aqueous solution, water level at least not less than 60 mm, but not more than 80 mm.

3. Connect 220V/50Hz power three-core power outlet, plug in the power.

Four. Turn on the ultrasonic cleaner button switch, green power switch indicates normal operation.

5. According to the cleaning provisions, open the ultrasonic cleaning machine temperature control to adjust the temperature.

6. The temperature indicator lights off the heater to achieve the desired requirements, the heater will stop running, if less than the set temperature, the heater will often be fully automatic heating again.

Seven. When the heating temperature reaches the product cleaning standard, can open the cleaning timer, according to the product cleaning provisions set the timer working time.

8. Usually the object cleaning in 10 minutes to 20 minutes, for difficult to clean the workpiece, you can slightly increase the cleaning time to ensure that the actual cleaning effect.

9. Timer position can be adjusted from 1 to 20 minutes, but also can be adjusted in the usual position. Usually cleaning in 10 ~ 20 minutes, for difficult to clean the components, should be appropriate to increase the cleaning time.

Ten. After cleaning the sink remove the basket and rinse with warm water or rinse in another sink with warm water and no solvent.

11. Items need to be dried, stored and assembled after cleaning.

The above-mentioned ultrasonic cleaning machine basic method of operation details, part of the product selling point can be through the use of instructions or contact online customer service to understand.