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The basic principle of ultrasonic generator

Date: 2022-08-30Number: 260

We are now the rapid development of society, high-tech in the continuous development. There are many different kinds of things that have been discovered and are available to people in different industries. Long ago, experts based on the spider no eyes but can accurately search for food in the case of the discovery of ultrasound. To put it bluntly, ultrasound is more than 20,000 Hz of sound wave frequency, these sound wave frequency is widely used by experts in various types of industries. Now let's introduce the basic principle of the ultrasonic generator.


ultrasonic generator

01 what is an ultrasonic generator?
Ultrasonic generator, a machine that converts voltage into high frequency alternating current corresponding to the transducer to drive the transducer to work, is a key component of a high-power ultrasonic system, it can also be called electronic device box, ultrasonic drive power supply, ultrasonic controller. Although the ultrasonic generator can also be called ultrasonic drive power, but in fact, the ultrasonic generator is only a part of the ultrasonic drive power. The ultrasonic power supply can be divided into self-excited type and other-excited type according to the difference of excitation method, and the ultrasonic generator refers to its excited type ultrasonic power supply, because the output power of the excited oscillating circuit is more than 10% higher than that of the self-excited oscillating circuit, most of the ultrasonic generators are used as the driving power at this stage.
02 ultrasonic generator of the basic principles
The first step is to signal generator a signal of a specified frequency, either a sine or a pulse, which is set to a certain frequency by an ultrasonic generator. This specified frequency is the frequency of the transducer, generally in the ultrasonic equipment used in the ultrasonic frequency of 20 khz, 28 khz, 40 khz, 60 khz.
Power amplifier circuits can be diversified, such as electronic tube class A amplifier. A Class B amplifier. Transistor Class A or class B amplifier (are analog) : transistor switching amplifier, etc. , the output power can be from 50W to 3000W between.
The frequency signal generated by the signal generator has to pass through the matching resistance after passing through the power amplifier circuit, so that the output characteristic impedance is in accordance with the transducer, and the transducer can convert the electrical signal into mechanical vibration.
The more perfect ultrasonic generator should also have the opinion feedback stage, the key to give two aspects of the feedback signal: the first is to give the output power signal, we all know that when the generator power supply (voltage) changes. The output power of the generator will also change, then reflected in the transducer is mechanical vibration high and low, resulting in uneven cleaning effect. Therefore, the need for a smooth output power, according to the output power feedback signal appropriate adjustment power amplifier circuit, to promote the power amplifier circuit smooth.