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The effect of ultrasonic cleaning is compared with other traditional cleaning methods

Date: 2022-09-17Number: 238

Because of the cavitation effect of ultrasonic wave, the actual cleaning effect is much stronger than that of other traditional cleaning methods. In the previous traditional cleaning methods time-consuming and labor-intensive, cleanliness is difficult to achieve standards, so product quality can not be raised, seriously affecting the company's modern development, in this era of high-tech development trends, the market competition in all fields is very fierce. Enterprises need to focus on the development of today's society, so the quality of products must be solid. High-quality products can not be separated from high-cleanliness parts, traditional cleaning methods have been difficult to adapt to the high degree of cleanliness of the parts must be cleaned. In the mid-1970s, the domestic ultrasonic cleaning machine finally came out.


Its development trend has also taken place in electronic tube, thyristor, transistor and VMOS tube and other major links. Electronic tube ultrasonic cleaning machine due to its own shortcomings, has been very little production. The thyristors produced at home and abroad, because of the limitations of their own electronic devices, usually less than 2KW, operating frequency is also relatively low, about 20KHZ and its efficiency is only 80% , the failure rate is relatively high. The development of transistor and VMOS type ultrasonic cleaning machine, because of the tube capacity limit, only for low-power ultrasonic cleaning machine, and the control circuit is more complex. Wuxi Wave Equipment Co. , Ltd. has been engaged in the research and development of ultrasonic cleaning machines and equipment for years, narcissus developed a series of products circuit frequency automatic tracking ultra-high frequency, high power, quality and stability of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the device is small, light weight, easy to operate, efficiency of more than 95% , power factor above 0.95. And then to meet the majority of customers special cleaning standards. And can be based on the scale of operation, set up several stations of the cleaning line, the comprehensive use of a variety of cleaning methods to do a complete cleaning of product parts.