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The function and characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning machine are introduced

Date: 2022-10-26Number: 179

At present, the market ultrasonic cleaning machine has connected, the same split, a lot of people in the choice of very difficult, because do not know exactly which is more suitable, now let's look at their respective advantages.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

First, from the perspective of space occupation

Combined with the composition of ultrasonic cleaning machine, integrated ultrasonic cleaning machine is more space-saving. All-in-one desktop equipment is relatively small in volume and can be placed at will. If split, it is very cumbersome. If it is a high-power single-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, the extra generator moving more cumbersome, not conducive to placing.

Second, from the perspective of special requirements

In specific occasions, multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, in the workshop wet environment, easy to cause circuit board short-circuit and line corrosion and rust, some are placed in the water all year round. In such cases, it is best to isolate the generator to avoid the wet cleaning environment. This is not only necessary to ensure that the equipment works properly, but also to extend the life of the equipment.

Third, from the perspective of market reaction

At this stage, the market ultra-low-power ultrasonic cleaning machine, or high-power simple single-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, most of the integrated ultrasonic, a small number of split-type. The multi-slot high-power ultrasonic cleaning machine, then most of the use of split type.

In the purchase of ultrasonic cleaning machine will be confused whether to choose one machine or separate machine, in fact, the most important thing should be according to your own must to choose the machine for you.