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The fundamental reason for the use of ultrasonic cleaning machines in laboratories!

Date: 2022-08-27Number: 330

The equipment in the laboratory is very delicate, and the cleanliness of the cleaning is also critical to the impact of the experimental data. Therefore, now most of the laboratories in the cleaning time will be used in the laboratory with ultrasonic cleaning machine to do the cleaning work.


ultrasonic cleaning machines in laboratories

The fundamental reason for the use of ultrasonic cleaning machines in laboratories
Because the ultrasonic energy of the laboratory cleaning machine can penetrate the inner wall of the glass container and tiny gaps, small holes, dead corners, equipped with different types of frame can clean glass containers, test tubes, beakers, slides, coverslips, glass straws, Petri dishes, flasks, pipettes and other laboratory dishes cleaning. When the parts to be cleaned are precision glass containers, parts or assemblies, the laboratory washing machine is often the only way to meet its special technical standards, that is one of the reasons why ultrasonic cleaning machines are widely used in laboratories. Compared with manual cleaning, the ultrasonic cleaning machine has the unique advantages of batch cleaning and cleaning the stains on the inside of the Beaker test tube, etc. , and suitable for mixing, extraction and so on, so widely used in the laboratory.
Specification for use of ultrasonic cleaning machines for laboratory use
For the laboratory with ultrasonic cleaning machine such high-tech equipment, the use of the process must pay special attention to. The key is that the machine and equipment appears no ultrasonic such anomalies, the first check the power supply voltage, if in line with the rating or large fluctuations, it needs to be repaired immediately. At the same time to check the power plug, switch and wiring terminals, wire, if there is a loose re-connection firm. Then to check the insurance and the transistor, if there is an abnormal spark sound or damage, it needs to replace the insurance and the transistor immediately. If the machinery and equipment is weak or squealing, it must be noticed that the value of the cable, transducer and insulation resistance must be checked first, and that the power supply voltage must be checked after ensuring that it is not dampened or damaged, if too low words will take appropriate measures to ensure that the voltage to meet the requirements.
Then check the temperature of the cleaning solution to ensure that the temperature in line with the applicable scope of the machine. Washing machine is also easy to find leakage, this time to pull out the high-frequency plug, the difference is clear is the whole body or generator failure, sometimes often is the line dampened, damaged, to be dealt with in a timely manner. If there is no problem with the power line, it depends on the equipment, if the damp is corroded to repair in time.