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The invention relates to a manufacturing method of an ultrasonic cleaning machine

Date: 2022-10-25Number: 175

Recently saw a lot of people are searching for this self-made ultrasonic cleaning machine, so next to share their own ultrasonic cleaning machine should pay attention to and prepare some of the things. The complicated things simply say let us master, so it is possible to better effect, can not say too general.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

Step 1: Get the materials ready. Prepare in advance the materials needed to make the ultrasonic cleaning machine, a circuit board, Ultrasonic transducer and a stainless steel tank. The three most important components of an ultrasonic cleaning machine are these three, but the most important of these three or the Ultrasonic transducer and circuit board parameters and debugging. Therefore, they make an ultrasonic cleaning machine out, or must understand the circuit of a person, or can not understand these electrical parameters, here is not very easy to introduce.

The Second Step: ready to shake head glue and its hardware tools. It is absolutely necessary to obtain these hardware tools for any production, so it must be used this way. One of the most important or shock head glue, the glue is not non-adhesive, is a special glue. This has to go to the professional market before you can choose to buy.

Step 3: put them together. According to the above preparation, these materials are put together. Be sure to pay attention to the composition of the shake head glue amount of use, if you do not understand the case. Consulting professional manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning machine.