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The main reason for the popularity of ultrasonic cleaning machines

Date: 2022-09-08Number: 248

Parts cleaning in manufacturing industry

In the manufacturing and processing of industrial parts, the surface of the workpiece will often be accompanied by oil, rust, polishing agent and other waste, if not deep cleaning will make the parts processing of the non-conformity rate and affect the delivery of use, do great damage to the company.

The traditional manual cleaning and decontamination method has low cleanliness and complexity. High pressure jet cleaning of steam cleaning process requires a complex process flow, relatively high cost of machinery and equipment, and in the development of high-precision and cleanliness requirements of the cleaning phase, it is still unable to meet the requirements.

Compared with other cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning machine shows a great advantage. Especially in the industrial and automatic production line enterprises, ultrasonic cleaning machine has gradually replaced the traditional soaking, cleaning, pressure cleaning, vibration cleaning and steam cleaning process methods.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

The basic principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning is the process by which Ultrasonic transducer are converted into high-frequency oscillations and dispersed into the cleaning fluid. Ultrasonic waves are concentrated in the cleaning fluid as a source of forward radiation, causing the liquid to produce numerous bubbles.

The bubbles are produced and grown in the negative pressure zone created by ultrasonic longitudinal propagation, but are quickly closed in the positive pressure zone, a condition known as“Cavitation effect”, when the bubble is closed, the instantaneous high pressure of 1,000 atmospheres must be produced. It is like a series of small“Explosions” that continuously impact the surface of the workpiece, causing the stains on the surface and in the gaps to quickly fall off, in order to achieve the cleaning product workpiece destination.

Why are ultrasonic cleaning machines so popular?

The high efficiency and cleanliness of ultrasonic cleaning machines are attributed to the penetration and cavitation shock waves generated by the propagation of sound waves through the medium. So it is very easy to clean up the parts with complicated appearance and inner wall, for the general process of oil removal, rust prevention, phosphating treatment, etc. , can be completed in a few minutes under the Sonication, its speed is the traditional method can be increased several times to dozens of times. The following is an in-depth analysis of the main reasons for the popularity of ultrasonic cleaning machines:

01 the cleaning effect is obvious

Industrial cleaning, complex product workpiece form, such as: Blind Hole, Gap, deep hole, etc. , the use of hand washing, steam cleaning, high-pressure jet cleaning methods can not be completely efficient clean product workpiece, however, with the use of ultrasonic cleaning machines, it is easy to clean up the areas where these traditional processes have been used. However, nowadays, the vast majority of industrial cleaning is to give priority to the ultrasonic cleaning process, due to its wide availability, the cleaning is more complete.

02 more efficient cleaning

Traditional manual cleaning efficiency is not high, the high cost of labor, in cleaning goods when the need for a relatively high degree of concentration, consumption of energy. And because of human uncertainty, it is difficult to guarantee the product workpiece cleaning quality. When an enterprise uses an ultrasonic cleaning machine, it only needs to immediately put the product workpiece into an ultrasonic cleaning tank containing a good cleaning agent, set the rated temperature and cleaning time, and the ultrasonic cleaning operation can be automatically run, in the cleaning process, no staff intervention. Not only greatly shorten the cleaning time, cleaning effect is also significantly improved.

Health & Safety

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is a kind of physical cleaning method, can be trusted, will not cause radio waves and radiation sources, no impact on human health. In addition, do not touch the body immediately cleaning fluid, physical and mental health is also guaranteed.

04 to reduce costs

The ultrasonic cleaning process can realize automatic and standardized cleaning, only one person needs to learn and train the simple operation of the equipment, can produce one person to 10 people or even more people actual effect, in the cleaning link, can also reduce the surface damage of the workpiece. So that's one reason why so many businesses today choose to use ultrasound for cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine, high efficiency cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning machine by stainless steel cleaning trough, filter circulation system, constant temperature heating system, made of high-quality stainless steel plate, corrosion resistance is strong, durable. Select the original imported high-performance high-quality ultrasonic transducer, with advanced bonding technology, electro-acoustic conversion efficiency, ultrasonic output power is strong. Equipped with constant temperature automatic heating system, ultrasonic oil removal speed is hot dip oil removal 3-5 times.

Manufacturing Shake Head, tough cleaning

High frequency silent vibration, stable quality, powerful, 360 ° all-round no dead angle cleaning, cleaning efficiency of 98% 

304 stainless steel plate, steel body

Overall selection of 304 stainless steel plate, the same elegant welding, anti-leakage anti-corrosion

Easy to use, save time and effort at ease

A large number of cleaning, easy to use, greatly saving labor; Shake head life can reach 200 million hours, strong and durable