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The main use of laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine

Date: 2022-10-18Number: 187

In recent years, with the economic and social development, the increase of scientific research laboratories, all researchers have a consistent problem, that is, how to simply and effectively clean the laboratory equipment? In the use of laboratory equipment will adhere to Grease, sweat dirt, laboratory substances and other dirt, such as storage when not clean will also bring rust, mildew spots, which will not only the life of laboratory equipment, will also affect the later operator experimental Operation Steps. The traditional cleaning is usually divided into two kinds, one is with a shovel, scrape, brush and other ways to clean, in addition to a number of chemical decontamination solvent cleaning. Because the above two forms will have defects, cleaning is not clean, resulting in a series of eco-environmental problems, and then the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine in the laboratory equipment decontamination high standard high requirements should be changed.


ultrasonic cleaning machines

The ultrasonic cleaning technology in biological laboratory mainly considers that the cleaning method is more environment-friendly, the cleaning efficiency is high, the cleaning effect is good, and has the superiority that other cleaning methods can not compare. With the development trend of better and more effective ultrasonic cleaning technology, the ultrasonic cleaning machine in biological laboratory will be used more widely in the cleaning and maintenance of laboratory equipment, so what is the role of ultrasonic cleaning machines in the laboratory?

First of all, the essential role of ultrasonic cleaning machine is cleaning, so its core role is cleaning experimental equipment. A vessel, such as a beaker. Many experimental procedures are very long and thin utensils, the dirt on the wall is often difficult to clean, manual cleaning is difficult to timely, residual dirt may directly affect the results of the experiment. This has to be removed using an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Just put into the tank, fill with water, a few minutes inside and outside the container can be cleaned clean, completely decontamination, no omissions.

Why can ultrasonic cleaning machines remove dirt from the inside of utensils? This is because it works by converting the high frequencies of ultrasonic waves into mechanical kinetic energy, which is then applied to the liquid in the tank, causing the liquid to cavitate, forming one fine bubble after another, which rapidly bursts, forming impact force, continuous impact immersed in the liquid surface of the material, so that the surface of the dirt off, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning.

Secondly, due to the working principle of ultrasonic cleaning technology, this kind of experimental equipment also has a unique role in the laboratory, used for experimental equipment mixing uniformity, emulsification, peeling, purification, etc. .

In general, is there any further understanding of the advantages of using ultrasonic cleaning machines in the laboratory?