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The operation of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine matters needing attention

Date: 2022-10-19Number: 162

Usually the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for electronic circuit boards is specially designed for cleaning the residue on the surface of electronic circuit boards, it is generally used to clean the pollutants and residues such as rosin oil and flux produced in the assembly process, sMT/THT and PCB board surface rosin oil (R/RA/RMA) , water-soluble flux (OA) , no-clean flux and lead-free solder paste residual organic and inorganic pollutants. It is a new type of cleaning system-automatic ultrasonic cleaning system. In that case, what should be used in the process of attention?


1, understand the equipment information and equipment structure;

2. Understand the working principle and operating procedure of ultrasonic;

3, check whether the machine is installed properly, put all the supporting feet turn down, the machine will be placed in a horizontal position;

4. Make sure that all the power switches are in the“Off” position, and check whether the power supply meets the requirements and whether the chassis grounding is reliable;

5. Check whether the pipeline connection between the water supply outlet and the drain outlet is correct or not;

6. Remember not to start the ultrasonic cleaning machine when there is no cleaning solution in the ultrasonic cleaning tank body. If any foreign body falls into the bottom of the tank body, it should be removed in time, otherwise it is very easy to cause damage to the transducer;

7, tank body without cleaning liquid, remember to prohibit heating, otherwise it will destroy the equipment;

8, need to clean the circuit board cleaning machine every week, this can increase the life of cleaning equipment;

9, cleaning fluid replacement frequency: users according to the level of cleaning fluid turbidity to determine whether to replace the cleaning fluid or add cleaning fluid;

10, the replacement of cleaning fluid, should ensure that all relevant work has been stopped, to be cleaned after the temperature drop to normal temperature replacement;

11, remember not to make liquid splashing ultrasonic generator, electronic products are afraid of water;

12, the tank body deposition of debris more time, the need for timely water washing;

13, in the tank into a more full cleaning fluid, to avoid pushing or moving the cleaning equipment;

14, to prevent strong impact on the bottom of the ultrasonic cleaning tank;

15, do not use the case, please turn off the main power switch, warming file reset. If the washing machine is no longer used for a long time, please disconnect the main power switch in the electrical control cabinet;

16. The manipulator of the equipment should be operated under the supervision of the R & D personnel in order to avoid accidents;

17, in the ultrasonic work, can not change the arm frame and the cleaning machine relative position, otherwise will have serious injury.

The above is about the small series introduced today on automatic electronic circuit board ultrasonic cleaning machine operating process common points for attention. In the factory industry, there are some connectors, plug-ins, adapters and other devices in the production, electroplating and assembly must also be cleaned, otherwise, the dirt and oil on the assembled parts will affect the electrical conductivity and insulation performance, especially for some complex multi-core connectors. And the Van Ying Ultrasonic automatic electronic circuit board ultrasonic cleaning machine it is a meet electronic circuit board cleaning cleaning cleaning equipment, not only the cleaning effect is good, cleaning speed is faster, and also save water, labor costs and other advantages.