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The reason why ultrasonic cleaning machines can be expanded by the market

Date: 2022-10-19Number: 164

Compared with other kinds of cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning machine shows great advantages. Especially in the large-scale, automatic production plant, ultrasonic cleaning machine has gradually replaced the traditional soaking, scrubbing, pressure washing, vibration cleaning and steam cleaning processes. The high efficiency and cleanliness of ultrasonic cleaning machines are attributed to the penetration and cavitation shock waves generated by the propagation of sound waves through the medium. So it is very easy to clean the parts with complicated shape and inner cavity. For the normal process of de-oiling, anti-rusting and phosphating, it can be finished in a few minutes under the Sonication, its speed than the traditional way can increase several times to dozens of times, cleanliness can achieve high standards, which in many of the product surface quality and production efficiency requirements of high occasions, more prominent are the results that are difficult to achieve or irreplaceable with other approaches.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

For example, when ultrasonic cleaning machines were not invented in the past, the initial method of cleaning things was to clean them manually. Especially when cleaning by hand, there would be a lot of dirt that was not easy to clean, and there were some gaps that could not be cleaned, this not only reduced the workload of workers, and greatly reduce the efficiency of the work, but in the emergence of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, its own unique basic principles of work, it overcomes the problems caused by manual cleaning and other cleaning methods. Therefore, ultrasonic cleaning is increasingly widely used in various fields, has been consistently selected as the most efficient, the most effective one.

01 the cleaning effect is obvious

When the ultrasonic cleaning process is used for industrial cleaning, complex workpiece styles such as blind holes, crevices, deep holes, etc. , cleaning methods such as hand washing, steam cleaning and high-pressure water jet can not completely clean the workpiece effectively, but the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning, it is very easy to clean the places where these traditional hand-made techniques go, without breaking a sweat, but now the vast majority of industrial cleaning is basically the preferred ultrasonic cleaning process, because its cleaning effect is more complete.

02 more efficient cleaning

Traditional manual cleaning requires a lot of manual costs, in the flushing of products when the need for a relatively high degree of concentration, consumption of energy. And because of the artificial uncertain factors, it can not completely ensure the cleaning quality of the cleaned workpiece. When an enterprise uses an ultrasonic cleaning machine, it is only worthwhile to put it into an ultrasonic cleaning tank containing a good cleaning agent immediately after the work piece is prepared for cleaning, and to set a rated temperature and cleaning time, ultrasonic cleaning operation can be started directly, in the case of cleaning, without human intervention. Cleaning time relative to manual cleaning can also be greatly shortened, cleaning performance than manual cleaning to some higher.

Health & Safety

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is a kind of vibration, knock knock physical cleaning process, can be trusted, will not cause electromagnetic waves and radiation, no impact on human health. In addition, the cleaning fluid immediately clean, do not need the human body immediately touch the cleaning fluid, to the human health is also more secure.

04 to reduce costs

The ultrasonic cleaning technology can realize automatic and standardized cleaning, and it doesn't need many people to intervene, only one person to understand the simple operation of the equipment, can produce one person to 10 people or even the actual effect of the public, in the cleaning process, it can also reduce the surface damage of the workpiece. So that's one reason why so many companies these days opt for ultrasonic cleaning.