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The role of hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine

Date: 2022-08-18Number: 287

The special working principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine: the ultrasonic wave transmits to the liquid in the high-frequency transformation mode of the compression force and pressure reduction interactive more than 20,000 times per second. When the compressive force acts, the vacuum nucleus group bubbles are crushed by the pressure to produce a strong impact force, thereby peeling off the dirt on the surface of the object to be cleaned, so as to achieve the purpose of precision cleaning.


hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machines are very widely used, and their application in hardware also plays a major role. Compared with other cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning machines have shown great advantages, especially in specialized and group-based production enterprises, ultrasonic cleaning machines have replaced traditional dipping, brushing, pressure washing, vibration cleaning and steam cleaning. and other process methods, the high efficiency and high cleanliness of the ultrasonic cleaning machine benefit from the special working principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, so it is easy to clean the parts with complex shapes, inner cavities and fine voids. Processes such as oil removal, embroidery removal and phosphating can be completed in only 3-5 minutes under the action of ultrasonic waves. The speed is several times to dozens of times higher than traditional methods, and the cleanliness can also reach high standards. Many occasions with higher requirements on product surface quality and productivity, more prominently show the results that are difficult to achieve or irreplaceable by other processing methods.

The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine: fast cleaning speed, good cleaning effect, high cleanliness, consistent cleanliness of the workpiece and no damage to the surface of the workpiece. It is safe and reliable without manual contact with the cleaning liquid, and it can also clean deep holes, fine seams and workpieces even if they are hidden. Save solvent, heat, work space and labor. With high cleaning precision, it can powerfully clean tiny dirt particles and greatly reduce the discharge of pollutants such as acid and alkali.