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Ultrasonic cleaning generator sweep function, effective protection vibration plate!

Date: 2022-08-30Number: 226

Ultrasonic cleaning generator is dedicated to the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the most used is the current-type ultrasonic cleaning machine generator, high-frequency intelligent ultrasonic cleaning machine generator.
The ultrasonic cleaning generator has the sweep frequency function, effectively protects the vibration plate.

                                                                                                 Ultrasonic cleaning generator
Power tube commonly used imported devices, can eliminate the possibility of tube burning.
The matching frequency is adjustable in 17KHZ-68KHZ, suitable for various transducers (ex-factory design) .
Constant output design, the output current ripple is small, the output is more stable and so on.
High frequency intelligent ultrasonic cleaning machine generator
Ultrasonic power in 28 khz -120 khz adjustable, suitable for high-precision requirements for workpiece cleaning.
In the working state to achieve automatic frequency recovery, but also has all the functions of the ammeter machine.
The Ultrasonic welding generator is specially designed for welding equipment such as Ultrasonic welding machines, fusion machines, welding machines, spot welding machines, mask machines, etc.
The most commonly used styles are the following.
Intelligent ultrasonic plastic welding generator also known as (box, host)
The intelligent model Ultrasonic welding machine has the functions of automatic frequency tracing, automatic frequency tracing between khz, built-in system protection and monitoring, etc. .
Ultrasonic generator welding machine generator in addition to different types of power functions, but can be used in the equipment, but different types of operation methods are not the same, welding mold precision is not the same.