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Use of ultrasonic extraction equipment in biopharmaceutical industry!

Date: 2022-10-06Number: 152

Ultrasonic extraction equipment also known as ultrasound assisted purification, ultrasonic refining machine, it uses the pressure of ultrasonic radiation to cause intense cavitation, disturbance effect, high rate, destruction and mixing effect, and other multi-level effects, so as to enlarge the molecular movement frequency and rate of matter, and enhance the penetration of organic solvents, and then accelerate the overall target components into the organic solvent, promote the extraction.


Ultrasonic extraction equipment creates rapid mechanical vibration waves based on Ultrasonic transducer. Using the energy of ultrasonic waves, the uniformity of the Sonication is improved and the sound intensity is increased, causing the granular boundary layer to be too thin and the surface to fall off, the particles break up and the ultrasonic wave shatters the cell wall, causing the material inside the cell wall to disperse into the solution, accelerating the process by which the relevant components of the material are dissolved in the organic solvent, reducing the interaction between the target extract and the substrate to achieve solid liquid extraction, so as to improve the extraction rate of related components.

Analysis of the use of ultrasonic extraction equipment in the biopharmaceutical industry:

(1) accelerate the motion of the medium point. When an ultrasonic wave travels in a continuous medium (such as water) at frequencies higher than 20 khz, according to the Christiaan Huygens wave principle, on the wave front, the motion of the particles (including the key active components of Chinese herbal medicine) makes the velocity and kinetic energy of the particles amazing. The velocity of particles can reach about 2,000 times the acceleration of gravity by calculation. Because the medium point applies ultrasonic energy to the Chinese herbal medicine force component particle, which makes it get amazing speed and kinetic energy, quickly escape from the Chinese herbal medicine base material and walk in the water.

(2) cavitation. The ultrasonic wave spreads in the liquid medium and causes the special“Cavitation effect”, “Cavitation effect” continues to cause thousands of internal pressure to thousands of atmospheric micro-cavitation and to continue“Engineering blasting” to cause a strong micro-shock wave on the Chinese herbal medicine, this causes the components of the herb to be “Bombarded” and escape, and causes the base material of the herb to be continuously eroded, and the herbaceous plant components of the herb that are not part of the structure are gradually extracted. Speed up the extraction of herbaceous plant ingredients.

(3) the vibration homogenization of ultrasonic wave makes every point suffer the same effect in the sample medium, and makes the purification of the whole sample more balanced. In a word, the medicinal force in Chinese herbal medicine not only gets its maximum velocity and kinetic energy as the medium point under the influence of ultrasonic field, but also gets the strong influence of external force through“Cavitation effect”, so it can be extracted efficiently and adequately.