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What are the advantages of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-09-05Number: 231

The type of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine according to the cleaning of different provisions have different performance, may be divided into the following:

1, single-trough medical ultrasonic cleaning machine: only with ultrasonic cleaning trough, there are horizontal and desktop two models.

2, double-trough medical ultrasonic cleaning machine: including ultrasonic cleaning trough, ultrasonic immersion bath.

3, multi-tank medical ultrasonic cleaning machine: under the premise of double-tank plus drying box, oil boiling tank, prepreg tank, etc. .

4. Medical automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine: after setting up the procedure, it can finish the cleaning step automatically, without artificial factors, and is mainly used for cleaning and disinfection of a large number of hospital equipment.

                                                                                                                     medical ultrasonic cleaning machine

Second, the use of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is a special cleaning equipment for medical device industry, scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical companies, it is mainly used for cleaning, soaking, oiling, drying and disposing of contaminated equipment such as surgical blades, medical tweezers, surgical forceps, endoscopic biopsy forceps, syringe needles, injection needles, test tubes, glass lenses, wound dressing bowls, cylinders, pressure gauges, etc. , it can completely clean all kinds of dirt of operation equipment and accessories, and eliminate the problem of insufficient cleaning by manpower. Meanwhile, it can protect the related staff from being infected by contaminated virus.

What are the advantages of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine

As a hospital operating room, hospital supply room, disinfection center and scientific research institutions, pharmaceutical companies biological laboratories, chemical laboratories, one of the indispensable equipment.

The advantages of medical ultrasonic cleaning machines are:

1. The cleaning effect is obvious. Many medical machines have the characteristics of uneven surface and small blind hole. It is difficult to clean them with steam and high-pressure water jet, the cavitation of ultrasonic cleaning machine can speed up the melting of the surface film equipment, cleaning effect is more complete.

2. Cleaning high-efficiency traditional cleaning medical machinery, often to develop equipment multi-enzyme soaking, hand-made brushing, washing and other processes, time-consuming and labor-intensive, moreover, it is difficult to ensure the cleaning quality of the equipment by manual operation, and it is very convenient to use a medical ultrasonic cleaning machine. After soaking the equipment in a multi-enzyme cleaning solution, the equipment is immediately put into a cleaning tank and the cleaning agent is arranged, set the temperature, the length of time can be automatically cleaned, the efficiency is very high.

3. Health and safety medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is a kind of zero-pollution machine, which does not cause many problems such as electromagnetic radiation during the whole cleaning process For medical staff, it can also protect the residual virus and bacteria on the equipment and ensure the food safety safety of medical staff.