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What are the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-08-26Number: 246

The unique characteristics of the ultrasonic cleaning machine: the ultrasonic wave scatters to the liquid state in the name of the interactive technology of about 20,000 compressions per second and the reduction of working pressure, the liquid state causes the nuclear group bubbles and conditions in the vacuum environment, in the process of pressure reducing, the nuclear bubbles in vacuum environment produce strong impact force after being damaged by working pressure, so as to get rid of the dirt on the surface of the object to achieve high precision cleaning.

                                                                                             ultrasonic cleaning machine
The main use of ultrasonic cleaning machine is very wide, in the hardware accessories level of the application also shows a significant role. Compared with many other kinds of cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning machines show great advantages, especially in the systematic production enterprises, the ultrasonic cleaning machine has replaced the traditional process methods of soaking, cleaning, working pressure cleaning, vibration cleaning and steam cleaning, and has high efficiency and high cleanliness, due to the unique characteristics of its ultrasonic cleaning machine, it is easy to clean the complex design, inner wall and thin air parts, for the general process of oil removal, embroidery and phosphating treatment, etc. , the Sonication can be done in just three to five minutes, several to tens of times faster than traditional methods, and the cleanliness can be standardized, this is all the more striking in many places where surface quality and productivity of the product are required to achieve results that are difficult to achieve or irreplaceable with other treatments.
The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine: cleaning speed, cleaning effect is obvious, high cleanliness, product parts of the same cleanliness and no damage to the surface of the workpiece. Not everyone must touch the cleaning fluid, can be trusted to the shallow holes, gaps and product work-pieces hidden outside can also be cleaned. High cleaning precision, can have the power to clean the fine dirt particles, greatly reduce the consumption of strong acid and strong alkali and other pollutants.