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What are the advantages of using ultrasonic cleaning machines in biological laboratories

Date: 2022-08-22Number: 218

At present, the scope of application of ultrasonic cleaning machine for laboratory instruments covers various sizes of syringes, test tubes, dressing bowls and so on. At the same time, in cleaning a variety of dishes, barrels, pressure monitors and other radioactive substances, high-cleanliness of medical machinery, but also has a very good performance. In addition, the industry's leading bio-laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine, but also the pharmaceutical factory's bio-laboratory, laboratory essential facilities, etc. , resulting in very good cleaning effect.

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What are the advantages of using ultrasonic cleaning machines in biological laboratories
1, high precision: durability good biological laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine with good high precision, can use the kinetic energy of ultrasound, cleaning to very small gaps, small round holes. Therefore, in the laboratory, ultrasonic cleaning will generally become to achieve a unique technical standard, the only cleaning method.
2, Super Fast
Compared with many basic cleaning methods, the average speed of the ultrasonic cleaning machine in the biological laboratory is quite fast in the aspects of removing ash and scale in the product workpieces, which improves the cleaning efficiency. In addition, the use of this machine equipment, there is no need to disassemble the assembly, saving a little time and energy. At present, the biological laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine in the continuous popularization, slowly into the most practical cleaning method, subject to a large number of customers.
3, unity
The so-called consistency refers to the application of the bio-laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine, regardless of the size of the objects to be cleaned, or simple and clear or complex, cleaning level is the same, there are no serious differences. In this way, it may be ensured that every item being cleaned has a very good practical cleaning effect.