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What are the characteristics and uses of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-10-15Number: 221

A medical ultrasonic cleaning machine converts high-frequency ultrasonic waves into high-frequency equipment oscillations according to a converter and is also disseminated into a medium cleaning fluid, causing the equipment shock wave to radiate forward in an orderly and orderly manner in the cleaning fluid, thus producing many bubbles with negative pressure, the interaction of the bubbles is carried out by their cleaning objects on the impact of the stain or grease to detach them, so that the cleaning parts of the goal.

medical ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. The medical ultrasonic cleaning machine uses a high-frequency transducer to convert the ultrasonic wave, so that it can clean the clearance deeply without damaging the surface of the processed parts, while at the same time ensuring the bombardment intensity, it has the advantages of faster cleaning speed, higher efficiency and better penetration.

2. At the same time, some parameters such as ultrasonic power, temperature, time and so on are displayed on the control panel.

3. The medical ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts broadband drive circuit to scan, which can completely solve the blind spot of cleaning and achieve the largest cleaning area.

Four. Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is also set over-pressure, over-temperature, over-current of a number of protection lines, its application is very reliable.

5. The tank body of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is made of stainless steel SUS304, which not only has very good color and lustre, but also has a unique appearance and high impact resistance.

6. The medical ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts the ultrasonic piezoelectric transducer with high Q value, which has high conversion efficiency, and the power of the ultrasonic wave is strong and powerful, the practical effect is good, and the stain cleaning is more completely and thoroughly, ensures excellent cleaning results.

Seven. This equipment is also equipped with heating and temperature automatic constant temperature device, can control the trend of temperature changes, but also to ensure the stability of the temperature.

With the continuous development and upgrading of technology, medical ultrasonic cleaning machine may gain more performance and advantages, its application will become more and more convenient and fast. If you want better application, how to choose a better medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is the premise, but also need to long-term maintenance of its performance and service life must know how to use it and use notes, in the future, strict implementation of operating standards and maintenance considerations to operate directly to enable it to maintain a long-term efficient cleaning rate and lasting time.