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What are the cleaning methods and advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine in auto repair industry?

Date: 2022-10-12Number: 178

What cleaning effect does ultrasonic cleaning machine have on automobile, airplane, electric locomotive?

1. Cleaning efficiency: the special-purpose ultrasonic cleaning machine takes the place of gasoline and other combustibles in the maintenance and cleaning of automobile bearings, greatly reducing manpower and cleaning time. The cleaning time of each vehicle's bearings is about 5 minutes, the cleaning cost is about 1/25th that of gasoline.

2. Special type ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used for cleaning engine and gearbox parts, the transmission shaft, the fuel injector, the engine oil pan, the cylinder head and the gearbox shell can all be cleaned quickly and completely, for engine oil pan, oil pan, filter collector, gearbox, housing, gear assembly, cylinder head, rolling bearing, gasoline pump, fuel nozzle, transmission shaft, piston rod, crankshaft connecting rod, turbocharging parts, etc. , excellent cleaning effect can be obtained on the cleaning workpiece. The product can meet the cleaning requirements of mini-car, car, light truck, medium truck to heavy truck and large electric generator engine.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

It is widely used in the production and maintenance of electric locomotive and aircraft industry, so that every re-assembly of spare parts as new.

3, very high parts surface cleanliness: complete cleaning complex components inside and outside the surface of the oil stains, charcoal, vegetable butter, gum and other stains to clean the complete cleaning effect as clean as new. Greatly improve the efficiency of cleaning, cleaning time and traditional cleaning methods can be greatly shortened.

4. Better Economy: eliminate manual cleaning, which is one-tenth of the cost of gasoline scrubbing.

5, superior performance: the use of water-based cleaning fluid to replace gasoline, kerosene, medical alcohol and other organic solvents, safe and environmentally friendly.

6, effective mitigation overhaul engine characteristics: deep clean lubrication, including the engine oil pan, cylinder head and transmission shaft in the lubricating oil hole. Part of the cleaning coolant, improve engine cooling characteristics.

7, the best ultrasonic equipment, support high-strength, long-term operation, using IGBT high-power integrated circuit chip, imported components transducer, unique bonding process, vibrator will never fall off.

8, control box, equipment host with combination, water and electricity completely separated, the actual operation is completely reliable.

9, according to the user's products, output, shape and other requirements of the design and custom-made into a variety of styles。