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What are the components of an ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-09-05Number: 196

Working principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine

The ultrasonic cleaning machine is a high-frequency oscillating signal sent out by the ultrasonic generator, which is transformed into high-frequency mechanical equipment oscillating by the transducer and spread to the medium, when the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubble rises rapidly, and then suddenly closes. When the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubble in the liquid vibrates under the influence of the sound field, when the bubble closes, it creates a shock wave that causes thonds of atmospheric pressures around it, destroying the insoluble waste and dispersing it into the cleaning fluid. When the particles are coated in oil and adhere to the surface of the cleaning piece, the oil is emulsified and the solid particles are removed to achieve the effect of the surface cleaning treatment of the cleaning parts. Because of the inherent penetration of ultrasound, it can clean a variety of complicated surface, the shape of special items, small round holes and gaps also have a good cleaning effect, for non-sound absorption or sound absorption coefficient of small objects cleaning the best.

                                                                                                                   ultrasonic cleaning machine


Application: (cleaning attachments: blood, gelatin, dust, fingerprints, blood stains, protein) syringes, surgical instruments, dropper, research laboratory appliances, glass containers, dental appliances, esophagus, bronchoscope, rectoscope, microscope for disinfection, sterilization, cleaning, laboratory containers cleaning.

The structure of ultrasonic cleaning machine

A standard ultrasonic cleaning machine consists of three parts: an ultrasonic generator (also known as an ultrasonic power supply) , a transducer, and its auxiliary system.

The ultrasonic generator converts the power frequency electricity into high frequency electric signal above 28KHZ, which is transmitted to the transducer by cable. The Ultrasonic transducer is usually mounted on the bottom of a tank filled with liquid. When a high frequency voltage is applied to the transducer, its piezoelectric ceramic components vibrate vertically under the influence of an electric field.

The Ultrasonic transducer (also known as the acoustic head) is a type of highly efficient transducer that converts electrical energy into a powerful ultrasonic vibration that, when induced, appears to be a small piston rod with very small amplitude, only a few microns. But the vibration acceleration is very large (tens to thonds) ; there are many transducers on the slot side, increasing the electrical energy at the same frequency and phase, creating a very large piston rod that oscillates back and forth, this type of vibration is what we normally call an ultrasonic wave.

Other ultrasonic components

(1) transducer: the sandwich type vibrating head composed of special lead zirconate titanate PZT piezoelectric ceramic has the advantages of high efficiency, long service life and no trouble. Special heat-resistant, vibration-resistant, high viscosity resin adhesive and special way of fixed never fall down, and can withstand 100 ° C 150 ° C high temperature

(2) ultrasonic generator (power supply) : applied power MOS transistor ultrasonic generator, advanced circuit, detailed structure, plus smart and reliable integrated automatic control system, the utility model ensures the stable work of the ultrasonic cleaning machine under various loads. The generator is small in volume, novel in appearance, and easy to operate. The product quality and technical level can be compared with similar products abroad, more received the warm welcome of our customers. A variety of ultrasonic generators can work independently, or multi-group parallel use, and complete a large-scale cleaning projects. Simple maintenance, if one group failure, not affected by the other each group of work, this point for the production line, is critical.

(3) heating and temperature control system: electric heater applies cast aluminum heater, acid and alkali resistance, long service life. The purpose of heating is to heat the detergent to enhance the washing effect of the washing machine. The automatic control system of the ambient temperature can be adjusted at will from the moderate range

(4) the cleaning trough: the cleaning trough is made of SU304 stainless steel by argon arc welding machine, and the slag discharging overhauling port and insulating and sound insulating layer are arranged in the trough

(5) tank liquid circulation filtration system: in this system is equipped with filtration device, to carry out dynamic filtration of tank liquid, in order to maintain the cleanliness of tank liquid. When the product workpiece comes out of the tank, the filtered liquid flows through the spray link in the upper part of the tank to clean the product workpiece, so as to wash the product workpiece out of the tank, in order to prevent the contamination of the liquid in the lower channel.

(6) conveying equipment: according to the shape, volume and mass of the work piece of the cleaned product, the conveying mode and control method of the ultrasonic cleaning machine are defined. Typical transportation methods are-catenary, mesh belt, double chain, step motor, electric hoist, self-propelled hoist, roller, roulette, Gantry crane, mechanical arm, electric hanging basket, push plate and so on.

(7) spray rinsing system: according to the condition of the surface of the work piece of the cleaned product, some washing machines are equipped with the spray rinsing process, which combines the ultrasonic cleaning and the spray cleaning organically.

(8) drying system: according to the condition of the work pieces of the products to be cleaned, some cleaners are equipped with drying system. The drying system is mainly composed of electric heater, fan, blowing nozzle, etc. .