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What are the factors related to cavitation effect of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-10-15Number: 272

The cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning machine depends mainly on“Cavitation effect”. Therefore, the good or bad effect of“Cavitation” can affect the performance of the machine, while the high performance of the machine determines the cleaning effect. In order to achieve the goal of cleaning, it should be traced back to its source, so the cavitation effect of the relevant factors can not be ignored.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

(1) frequency selection

Even if the cleaning fluid into the ultrasound, does not mean that it can bring cavitation bubble; even if the formation of cavitation bubble, it may not be able to well blasting; even if the blasting, also may not achieve the better peeling off the waste effect.

Each liquid has its own“Cavitation threshold”. It is the negative pressure generated by ultrasonic vibration exceeds the static pressure of the liquid itself, it can be torn off, the formation of a vacuum bubble. Ultrasonic cavitation threshold is closely related to ultrasonic frequency.

The higher the frequency, the higher the cavitation threshold. Because the higher the frequency of the ultrasound, the lower its energy, there is no great force to tear the liquid to form a bubble. Therefore, high-frequency ultrasound is not easy to form cavitation bubbles in the liquid, to form cavitation, it needs to increase the sound power.

Conversely, the lower the frequency, the easier it is to form cavitation. Also, if the frequency is low, the time between ripping and squeezing each other is much longer, and the resulting bubble has enough time to grow, from small to large, then it will have a bigger impact in the process of blasting, more conducive to cleaning.

High-frequency and low-frequency, like a horse running fast, but the strength is small, can not pull too many heavy objects; and cows run slower, but the strength is very strong, tugging a large cart of cow dung can leisurely stroll, in fact, each have their uses.

According to the cleaning target, the ultrasonic frequency is divided into three frequency bands: low frequency (20 khz-50 khz) , high frequency (50 khz-200 khz) and ultra-high frequency (above 700 khz-1 mhz) . Under the same power, the ultrasonic wave of 40KHz frequency forms a lot of cavitation bubbles than the ultrasonic wave of 100KHz, which has a strong penetrating ability, but it is easy to cause the corrosion and destruction of the surface of the equipment, and the noise is also bigger.

Therefore, high-frequency ultrasound is more suitable for cleaning precision and fine equipment, low-frequency ultrasound is more suitable for cleaning robust and firm equipment.

(2) the influence of the properties of the cleaning solution

Cleaning agents are usually added to the water of an ultrasonic cleaning tank. The choice of cleaning agents is based on the type of waste. In the meantime, changes in the properties of water such as interfacial tension and viscosity caused by detergents should be considered, so these properties are related to cavitation strength. The more surface tension, the more difficult cavitation. Like to tear off a film and a cowhide, the more tension, the greater the strength must be. At the same time, the liquid viscosity is large, are not easy to form cavitation. Therefore, should choose the viscosity of small detergent.

(3) the influence of temperature

The rise of temperature is beneficial to the formation of cavitation. However, too high temperature, on the contrary, will reduce the formation of cavitation bubbles. And each liquid has its own active temperature, water's most active temperature is about 60 degrees. If full consideration of multi-enzyme cleaning agent tolerance temperature, can choose 40 degrees or so the most appropriate.

(4) the influence of steam

Ultrasound in the mode of transmission, if the encounter of water bubbles (not cavitation bubble) , its spread can be adversely affected, causing cavitation bubble caused by adverse effects. In addition, if the generated cavitation bubble spread into the air bubble, in the explosion will reduce the impact of it caused by the force, the adverse effect of cleaning. Therefore, before the application of ultrasonic cleaning machine, should eliminate the bubbles in the water.

(5) other adverse effects

The cleaning object also has some influence on the ultrasonic cleaning effect. Plastic Materials, fabrics, such as equipment and objects, because of the sound absorption effect, cleaning effect is poor, but the ability to reflect ultrasound equipment, such as stainless steel, glass, cleaning effect will be better. In addition, loading the basket mesh is too dense, equipment placed too much, too much pollution may also cause the weakening of ultrasonic energy, weakening the cleaning effect.