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What are the functions of the ultrasonic generator?

Date: 2022-10-15Number: 244

Measuring ultrasonic is a kind of acoustic frequency which is higher than 20000 Hz. It has good specificity and strong ability of reflecting surface, which is beneficial to obtain more concentrated sound, can be used for laser ranging, speed limit, removal, welding, sand and gravel, sterilization and disinfection. It has many applications in medicine, national defense security, industrial production, agriculture and so on. Ultrasound is famous for its frequency limit beyond the limits of the human auditory system.

ultrasonic generator

The mechanical and hygrothermal effects of ultrasound can induce many physical transformations. It turns out that some physical chemistry utility is generally a secondary utility of these trends. Ultrasonic generator instrument five major effects:

Diffuse effects: ultrasound increases the permeability of the extracellular matrix. After Sonication, the permeability of the cytoplasm to potassium and sodium ions changes dramatically. To enhance extracellular matrix, facilitate the exchange of compounds, remove toxins from the body, improve tissue nutrients.

Thixotropic effect: instrument measurement under the influence of ultrasound, the gel can be converted into a colloidal solution. The softening effect on body muscles, tendons, and certain pathological changes associated with tissue dehydration.

Instrumental measurement of cavitation efficacy: cavitation-induced, or long-lasting unilateral vibration, or secondary expansion to collapse, somatic efficacy changes, intracellular calcium levels rise.

Aggregation and acidolysis: water aggregation is the process of transforming many identical or similar formulas into one large formula. Acidolysis of biological macromolecules is the whole process of transforming the organic chemicals of biological macromolecules into small molecular water.

Detumescence, repair of human cells and molecular formula: ultrasound, can let the tissue pH level to alkalescent layer of development trend. The instrument measures blood flow, resulting in inflammatory effects, inhibition, and anti-infective drug effects. Skin collagen tissue into and sound. To promote or inhibit the repair of injury and healing the whole process. To ensure that the damaged tissue to clean, activate, repair the entire process.