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What are the main factors that interfere with the effect of an ultrasonic cleaner?

Date: 2022-10-22Number: 168

With the rapid development of economy and society, the application of ultrasonic technology in modern intelligent production has played a unique role, in which ultrasonic cleaning is one of the key development direction of ultrasonic technology. Ultrasonic (frequency between 20kHz-1MHz) this is a mechanical wave, can use energy carrier-medium to spread. Ultrasonic cleaning machine, is the use of ultrasound in the liquid cavitation effect, acceleration and direct flow effect on liquid and waste can be direct and indirect effect, the waste layer is dispersed, emulsified and peeled so as to achieve the goal of cleaning.

Compared with other cleaning technologies, ultrasonic cleaning has the advantages of high efficiency, good cleaning effect and convenient to realize the automation of cleaning process, especially for blind holes and various geometric objects, the utility model can achieve the overall clean cleaning effect of the articles, and is not affected by the material quality and the precision of the commodities. At this stage, it has been widely used in mechanical equipment, electronic/optical accessories, instrumentation, jewelry/watches, plastic, environmental protection, medicine, packaging and other industries, for the vast majority of laboratory and industrial precision cleaning to give the ultimate solution.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Several factors that interfere with ultrasound effect

1. frequency

At low frequencies, the removal efficiency of large particles is good, but the removal efficiency of small white particles is poor. At high frequencies, the smaller the cavitation bubble is, the weaker the cavitation intensity is, and the degree of its weakening is particularly large, cleaning time will increase, especially for the smallest and most sensitive parts. Even narrow capillary tubes can be cleaned according to the cavitation bubbles produced by ultrasonic wave, and the noise intensity is very low at this frequency.

2. Power

The bigger the output power of ultrasonic wave, the stronger the cavitation effect, the faster the speed, and the better the cleaning effect. However, for precision, high surface smoothness of the product, the use of long-term high-power density cleaning will cause the surface of the object“Cavitation” corrosion.

3. temperature

The suitable cleaning temperature of water cleaning agent is 40-60 ° C, especially in cold weather, if the temperature of cleaning agent is low, poor cavitation effect, poor cleaning effect. When the temperature increases, cavitation is easy to appear, so the cleaning effect is good. Heating can generally increase the cleaning speed, while most of the cleaning agents in the chemical composition are under certain conditions to achieve the best cleaning effect.

4. detergent

Water is an ordinary cleaning agent, so the use of water-based solvent system is easy to operate, low cost and use a wide range of uses. Special know for some special materials and their stains, and is not suitable for water-based solvents. That can be selected special ultrasonic cleaning fluid, which contains a large number of cleaning ingredients, wetting agent and other reaction components of the mixture, can be reasonable completely clean.