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What are the problems needing attention in ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-10-11Number: 169

Ultrasonic cleaner power switch on, no ultrasonic output.

Failure to plug in

2, switching power supply or power output line damage, no power input;

3. The power adjustment button is in 0 position, and the knob is adjusted to the current 4A;

4, Fuse, check whether the host power is mixed with 380V, then replace the fuse;

5, check whether the protection circuit board protection light is on, such as light to reflect the ultrasonic power in the protection situation, cut off the power after 1 minute to restart, such as still like this situation, the protective regulator on the protective circuit board should be rotated counterclockwise 5-10 degrees as far as possible (this operation is intended to amplify the protective effect) 

Slow cleaning effect

1, tank body cleaning fluid level is not reasonable, adjust the water level height, generally 2-3 cm;

The temperature of the liquid in the tank is too high or too low

3, whether the use of cleaning fluid has changed, cleaning fluid concentration is not slightly lower, increase the concentration of cleaning fluid;

4, Open the case, watch out for Ultrasonic transducer, oil and dirt falling off, temporarily solve the problem can be bypassed to connect the transducer.

Ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaning electromechanical heating tubes do not heat or slow heating:

1, electric heating pipe without water air switch, resulting in burning, replace the electric heating pipe;

2. Measuring the resistance value of the electric heating tube with a meter, the resistance value of the electric heating tube with 380V power of 3000W is about 57Ω, and the resistance value of the electric heating tube with 220V power of 1000W is about 48Ω

3, check around the heating pipe is enough to be surrounded by dirt blocking, affect the heating work;

4, mechanical temperature control pay attention to check the temperature control probe will have liquid flow out, replace the temperature control probe.


(1) the main machine power supply of ultrasonic cleaning machine and the main machine power supply of electric heater must have excellent earthing protection device.

(2) it is forbidden to open the ultrasonic cleaning machine when there is no water or organic solvent in the tank, which will lead to empty vibration and damage or damage the vibrating head.

(3) the cleaning machine with heating system is forbidden to open the heating power switch when there is no liquid.

(4) it is forbidden to clean the bottom of the cylinder with heavy objects (iron pieces) to prevent the chip of the energy conversion device from being damaged.

(5) the main power supply of the ultrasonic generator should use a single 220V/50Hz main power supply and be equipped with a voltage regulator above 2000W.

(6) clean the bottom of the cylinder to wash regularly, not too many sundries or stains.

(7) do not pour your fingers into the tank during the operation of the washing machine, or you will feel stinging or uncomfortable.

(8) clean the parts after starting the ultrasonic wave every time when the liquid is renewed.

(9) use water or aqueous solution as cleaning agent. It is strictly forbidden to use alcohol, gasoline or other combustible gas as cleaning agent to add to the cleaning machine.

(10) when cleaning directly with flammable liquid, the cleaning task should be finished as soon as possible, and the operator should not leave the site.

(11) indirect cleaning may also be used when a caustic or volatile cleaning solution is required. That is: first in the tank body to add water, and then the necessary cleaning fluid into the appropriate container and pour into the cleaned objects, and then loaded with cleaning fluid and cleaning items into the tank, you can start cleaning operations, the effect is consistent with direct cleaning.

(12) the best method of ultrasonic cleaning effect is that the temperature of ultrasonic cleaning tank is 30 ~ 50 ° C, and the cleaning agent is selected correctly according to different cleaning target. Cleaning agents are mainly divided into water-based (alkaline) cleaning agents, organic solvent cleaning agents and chemical reaction cleaning agents. General application of the most water-based cleaning fluid, according to the degree of contamination of the items to be cleaned and besmirch characteristics, choose a different cleaning time.

(13) it is forbidden to turn on the machine first and then pour in the cleaning solution, which will damage the equipment.

(14) clean objects remember not to be placed at the bottom of the tank, the use of a special cleaning bracket clean box, this will help enhance the actual effect of cleaning.

(15) long-time continuous operation should be reduced as far as possible and should not exceed 30 minutes.

(16) during the operation of the tank body cleaning or degassing solvents do not have to pour too little, usually in the tank body 2/3 of the best.