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What are the types of ultrasonic cleaning machines?

Date: 2022-09-20Number: 223

Different types of ultrasonic cleaning machines on the market. They vary according to the type of parts or materials designed for cleaning. Each one is tailored to a specific application.

Medical and dental ultrasonic cleaning machines: ultrasonic cleaning machines remove blood, tissue and protein-based contaminants while maintaining the delicate surface of the equipment. They use it to prepare equipment in advance for the entire sterilization process, because it can actively attack most of the pollutants. The most common medical and dental items to be sterilized in advance are operating room instruments, implants, surgical screws and fasteners, needles, blades, knives, and biological laboratory equipment.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine for jewelry: ultrasonic cleaning is one of the popular ways of jewelry making. The whole process uses the gentle and precise cleaning of the ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaners can also cause cavitation where it can not be reached. It does not scratch or damage the intricate surface of jewelry, which is particularly important in the production. Most importantly, ultrasonic cleaning can be combined with ultrasonic polishing to produce a shine that far exceeds that of other cleaning methods.

dental ultrasonic cleaning machines

Ultrasonic spray gun cleaning machine: Spray gun components have a lot of brushes and polishing machine can not touch the hollow areas, cavities and gaps. Even when the gun is disassembled, there are still areas where you can't use your hands or your toothbrush. In addition, conventional gun cleaning uses solvents that typically have an environmental impact. This is not the case with ultrasonic gun cleaners. Ultrasonic gun cleaning machine, also known as ultrasonic gun cleaning machine, as long as the cleaning solution through the appropriate wetting, can reach all areas. Ultrasonic gun cleaner can also be used with ultrasonic gun lubrication.

Electronic ultrasonic cleaning machine: because of its easy to use, high output, cleaning precision, ultrasonic cleaning machine is used to clean circuit boards and electronic products. Electronic ultrasonic cleaning machines remove different types of debris from the List of semiconductor materials and electronics industries. Can remove small metal debris and burrs, while protecting electronic components of small accessories from damage.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine: industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning different types of equipment components and automotive and aircraft parts. Generally are large cleaning machines, including compressors, radiators, pumps, valves and gear components and other components. It is very effective in removing the grease layer. In addition, although the object to be cleaned is very large, but the cleaning time is only a few minutes more than the small washing machine.

Ultrasonic precision cleaning is the industry standard for cleaning medical machinery in the manufacturing process. It is particularly effective at cleaning complex-designed parts and hard-to-reach crevices or blind holes and further improving advanced surface treatment techniques. As a matter of fact, it is an ideal solution for precision cleaning of everything from operating room instruments, implants, surgical screws and fasteners, needles, blades and cannulas to catheters, stents, hospital and biological laboratory equipment, and test equipment.

The turbulence of ultrasonic cavitation enhances the cleaning application, exposing the surface layer to fresh chemical cleaning. The process can penetrate blind holes, small gaps and complicated dies. Remove the residual scorched polymer and release agent from the mold assembly, and extend the life of the mold without damaging or damaging its surface. The deposits of the cooling ports and channels are removed, which is beneficial to improving polymer flow.

The side-mounted immersion transducer is the latest innovation in the field of ultrasonic cleaning, providing more intense and intensive cavitation than the transducer mounted at the bottom of the tank. The plastic injection mold is rectangular, and the surface details are designed to face the side of the tank. The sensors installed on the side provide a more efficient and centralized cleaning process for the parts on the most complicated details of the mould.

Submersible ultrasonic cleaning machine: submersible ultrasonic cleaning machine, sometimes called submersible cleaning machine, is only composed of two parts of the equipment: ultrasonic generator and transducer. The transducer is wired to the generator and immersed in the cleaning tank. All utensils can be used as jars, as long as they can hold a sufficient amount of solution. This type is designed to be portable. This advantage is offset by the poor cleaning quality of the equipment.