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What can an ultrasonic cleaner be used for?

Date: 2022-10-24Number: 220

Ultrasonic cleaning machine with faster cleaning speed, the effect is obvious, does not damage the appearance, ease the labor intensity and so on.

It is widely used in biological laboratory, electromechanical industry, jewelry, medical dentistry, optics and other fields to achieve cleaning, refining, emulsifying, accelerating dissolution, crushing, dispersion and other functions.

ultrasonic cleaner

Primary use

In the field of spray treatment solutions:

In this field, ultrasonic cleaning machine mainly cleaning surface accessories: not only include oil, mechanical chips, abrasives, floating dust, polishing wax, etc. , the invention also relates to removing coke before electroplating, removing oxide scale, removing polishing paste, removing oil and rust, cleaning before ion plating, phosphating process treatment, activation treatment of metal workpiece surface, etc. . Stainless steel polishing products, stainless steel knives, kitchenware, knives, locks, lighting, jewelry spray pretreatment, cleaning before electroplating.

In the machinery industry:

In this field, ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly engaged in cutting oil, abrasive, iron chips, floating dust, fingerprint cleaning. Includes the removal of anti-rust grease, gauge cleaning, mechanical parts of the oil to rust; Engine, engine parts, gearbox, shock absorber, Bush, nozzle, cylinder, valve body, carburetor and automotive parts and chassis to oil before painting, rust, phosphating before cleaning; Filter device, piston parts, especially in the railway industry, to the train compartment air conditioning oil decontamination, the front of the train components rust, rust, oil is particularly suitable.

In the pharmaceutical industry:

Ultrasonic cleaning technology has been widely used by many pharmaceutical companies, especially for oral liquid bottles, penicillin bottles, ampoules, large infusion bottles and butyl rubber stoppers, natural rubber stoppers, has been the majority of customers.

4. In the micronutrient industry:

In the micro-powder industry, customers want to get different sizes of particles, need to be broken in the ball mill after grinding, after going through different specifications sieve layer by layer sieving can be obtained. However, after long-term use of the sieve, the sieve hole will be blocked (such as diamond sieve) , with other methods will be damaged by brushing the sieve, and it is difficult to achieve the expected actual results. Conversely, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine can properly avoid the above-mentioned problems, while cleaning clean without causing physical damage.

Ultrasonic cleaning of metals:

After the metal bar is extruded into wire, the outer part of the wire is usually accompanied by a layer of carbonized film and oil. It is difficult to get rid of the stain by acid cleaning or other cleaning methods, the ultrasonic silk washing machine is a kind of continuous silk-walking and high-efficiency cleaning machine tailored to the actual production needs, the roughing part is composed of cleaning liquid storage tank, transducer, circulating water pump, filtering device and various piping systems. The metal wire is cleaned by ultrasonic roughing and then dried.

6. In the field of phosphating process:

There is no doubt that the pre-treatment process is very important. The traditional technology uses acid solution to treat the workpiece, which is more serious to the environment pollution and the working environment is worse. After the workpiece is sprayed, there may be corrosion, and then damage the coating surface, seriously endangering the appearance and internal quality of the product. The use of ultrasonic cleaning technology can not only make the surface of the object and the gap between the stains off quickly, and the coating coating solid and will not rust.

7. Applications in service industries.

In the daily production process, glasses, jewelry can be cleaned using ultrasound, faster, no damage, large hotels, restaurants used to clean tableware, not only the cleaning effect is obvious, it also has the function of eliminating and inhibiting bacteria.

General operation

The ultrasonic wave spreads in the liquid, can cause the liquid and the trough body to vibrate together under the ultrasonic wave frequency, achieves the clean effect, in this process, the liquid and the trough body vibration will have the own natural frequency, these vibration frequencies are called acoustic frequencies. In recent years, with the rapid development of cleaning industry, more and more industries and enterprises have applied the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Compared with the general cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning machine has a clear cleaning effect, easy and fast operation, and so on, it is also highly recommended by customers. A good product must be operated correctly in order to achieve the cleaning effect with half the effort. For you to sort out a relevant ultrasonic cleaning machine operating procedures, the user may be required for reference.

First, refer to the installation instruction of the ultrasonic cleaner, connect the temperature sensor signal line, ultrasonic drive line and heater control line between the electric control cabinet of the cleaner and the host, and connect the 380VAC power supply, install the upper pipe, drain pipe and overflow discharge pipe of the washing machine to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

Immediately afterwards, the user needs to add an appropriate amount of clean water to the pool. Generally speaking, the level of the water should not exceed three-quarters of the level of the pool. After starting the electric control heating switch, align the white scale on the water temperature regulating switch to the proper temperature (about 60 ° C) . It should be noted that the maximum temperature of the detergent should not exceed 70 ° C in use.

When the water temperature increases to 40 ° C or so, the designated detergent will be added to the cleaning pool (usually about 5kg at a time) , gradually stir the water between the two to fully dissolve, you can start the cleaning journey.

In addition, ultrasonic wave can carry out precision cleaning, but the sludge of its poor treatment capacity, so the preparatory treatment, if possible, use a bamboo knife to clean the dirt on the surface of the parts (such as dust on the outer surface of the dust cover, and oil and dirt on the parts of the cylinder block will accumulate in the changing curve of the shell) , easy to extend the use of cleaning fluid life.

Specifically, cleaning should be based on the zero, the shape of the parts, shape size, stain composition, dirt level, parts of the material, surface precision and batch size, scientific selection of effective cleaning methods. The correct cleaning method can not only ensure cleaning quality and relatively high cleaning efficiency, and enough to reduce the cost of cleaning, fundamentally solve the problem.