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What cleaning agent is used for ultrasonic cleaning?

Date: 2022-10-28Number: 158

What kind of cleaning agent should be used for ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a type of surface treatment technology designed to clean and remove residual oil, rust, ash and other micro-particles on the surface of the workpiece for the next stage of processing and then directly assembled.

In ultrasonic cleaning, cleaning agent is indispensable, which can play a dispersion, dissolution, and so on. On the basis of the chemical action of the detergent, a powerful ultrasonic cavitation can further promote the chemical action of the detergent. In addition, the physical effect of ultrasonic cavitation and the chemical effect of cleaning agent, both can accelerate the spalling of the surface of the workpiece, improve the cleaning effect and efficiency.

Because cleaning workpieces vary from industry to industry, the characteristics and degree of dirt remaining on the surface, the requirements for corrosion inhibition or rust prevention after cleaning, and the requirements for cleaning quality and economic cost are different, the selection of ultrasonic cleaning agent should be based on the analysis of specific conditions, select the best.

At present, there are a lot of cleansers suitable for ultrasonic cleaning on the market, from the nature of the cleanser on the impact of ultrasonic cleaning, in the selection of ultrasonic cleaning agents need to consider from the following aspects:

ultrasonic cleaning machine

1, the workpiece material and stain characteristics

According to different stains select its special detergent, for example, grease cleaning with degreaser, rust cleaning with rust agent and so on. Special Detergent for special stains to play a role in the adaptability and efficiency of cleaning and other aspects to be considered more perfect.

2. The interfacial tension, vapor pressure and viscosity of detergent

The important mechanism of ultrasonic cleaning is cavitation, and the characteristics of interfacial tension, vapor pressure and viscosity are closely related to the intensity of ultrasonic cavitation. When the interfacial tension of detergent is too high and the viscosity is too high, it is not conducive to ultrasonic cavitation, and high vapor pressure will reduce the intensity of cavitation. Therefore, the interface tension, high steam pressure and viscosity of cleaning agents are not conducive to ultrasonic cleaning.

3. Environmental Protection

The first need to consider the problem of wastewater treatment, the first choice of normal temperature, low toxicity, safety, efficient new environmental cleaning agent. Secondly, it should be noted that when the ultrasonic cleaning equipment is not made any explosion-proof device, the use of flammable and explosive articles is prohibited.