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What cleanser does the ultrasonic cleaner use?

Date: 2022-10-07Number: 218

Ultrasonic cleaning is a kind of surface treatment technology, the goal is to clean the workpiece surface residual oil, rust, ash and other fine particles stains, in order to facilitate the next stage of production and then directly installed.

In ultrasonic cleaning, cleaning agent is indispensable, it can play a dispersing, melting and other effects. Under the premise of the chemical action of detergent, applying a powerful ultrasonic cavitation can further promote the orderly chemical action of detergent. In addition, the physical effect of ultrasonic cavitation and the chemical effect of cleaning agents work together to accelerate the spalling of surface stains, improve the performance and efficiency of cleaning.

In view of the fact that cleaning products vary from industry to industry, the nature and level of dirt remaining on the surface, the requirements for corrosion resistance or rust prevention of the surface after cleaning, and the requirements for cleaning quality and marginal benefit vary from industry to industry, the selection of ultrasonic cleaning agent should be based on the detailed situation in-depth analysis, select the best.

At present, there are many kinds of detergents which are mainly used for ultrasonic cleaning in the market. From the effect of the nature of the detergents on ultrasonic cleaning, the following aspects can be measured when selecting the ultrasonic cleaning agents:

ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment

1. Material and stain properties of products

According to different stains select its special detergent, for example, grease cleaning detergent, rust cleaning agent with rust and so on. Special detergent for specific stains to play a role in the adaptability and cleaning efficiency to consider more comprehensive aspects.

2. The interfacial tension, vapor pressure and viscosity of detergent

The basic principle of ultrasonic cleaning is cavitation, and the characteristics of interfacial tension, vapor pressure and viscosity are closely related to the intensity of ultrasonic cavitation, the cavitation threshold of different cleaning agents is also different. When the interfacial tension of cleaning agent is high and the viscosity is high, it is also unfavorable to ultrasonic cavitation, and the high vapor pressure will reduce the cavitation intensity. Therefore, the interface tension, high steam pressure and viscosity of cleaning agents are not conducive to ultrasonic cleaning.

3. Safety and environmental protection

The first need to fully consider the problem of wastewater treatment, selection of room temperature, micro-toxic, safe and efficient new environmental cleaning agent. Secondly, it should be noted that when the ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment does not make all explosion-proof devices, prohibit the use of flammable and explosive substances cleaning agent.