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What good skills can ultrasonic cleaning machine quickly select the right one?

Date: 2022-09-16Number: 191

Compared with manual cleaning, the ultrasonic cleaning machine has the unique advantages of batch cleaning and cleaning the dirt on the inside of the Beaker test tube, but also can be used for mixing, extraction and other applications, so it is widely used in the laboratory.

The development of ultrasonic cleaning machine industry today, the market of various types of variety, functional characteristics of a variety, so that buyers confused, what good skills can quickly select the right? In fact, to say simple is also very simple, as long as the following 5 key words can be remembered.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. The size of the tank body

Depending on the size of the ultrasonic cleaning tank, it is necessary to ensure that it can hold the Beaker test tube that needs to be washed. Therefore, before purchasing, measure the maximum size of the Beaker test tube first, and make sure that it is ready, and do not estimate it, so as not to buy small can not put. It also depended on the number of washes. If the amount of washes was large, then obviously, the tank would not work just right either. They had to consider washing more than one tank at the same time. After all, the advantage of ultrasonic cleaning was the efficiency of batch cleaning.

2. Ultrasonic frequency

To see the frequency of ultrasound, the general laboratory can use 40 khz, but some special needs, such as to degassing function, will consider to dual-frequency, 28/40 khz, and some high-precision workpiece cleaning needs 80 khz.

3. Functional requirements

To see the functional requirements, there are CNC, mechanical, power adjustable. Recommended numerical control laboratory, elegant appearance, can remember the last time the fixed time, if the power requirements for different cleaning parts, can choose the power adjustable.

4. Ultrasonic power

Some people will be more concerned about the power of ultrasound. In fact, the size of the slot will be adapted to the size of the ultrasonic power. Generally, there will not be a problem of insufficient power, unless the dirt is particularly difficult to wash, or want to improve the cleaning speed, you can customize the greater power.