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What is an ultrasonic generator?

Date: 2022-08-22Number: 297

01 what is an ultrasonic generator?
The ultrasonic generator is a kind of equipment which converts the city electricity into the transducer's corresponding high frequency alternating current to drive the transducer to work, and it is an important part of the high power ultrasonic system, it can also be called electronic box, ultrasonic drive power supply, ultrasonic controller. Although the ultrasonic generator can also be called ultrasonic drive power, but in fact, the ultrasonic generator is only a part of the ultrasonic drive power. The ultrasonic power supply can be divided into self-excited type and other-excited type according to the different excitation modes, and the ultrasonic generator refers to its excited ultrasonic power supply, because the output power of the oscillating circuit is 10% higher than that of the self-excited circuit, most of the ultrasonic generators are used as the driving power.

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02 ultrasonic generator principle
First, the signal generator generates a signal of a specific frequency, which can be either a sine wave or a pulse, and then an ultrasonic generator reaches a certain frequency. This specific frequency is the frequency of the transducer, generally used in ultrasonic equipment ultrasonic frequency of 20 khz, 28 khz, 40 khz, 60 khz.
Power amplifiers can take many forms, such as tube class A amplifiers. A Class B amplifier. Transistor Class A or class B amplifier (are analog) : transistor switching amplifier, power generally from 50W to 3000W./n/nThe frequency signal generated by the signal generator is matched by the impedance of the power amplifier to match the output impedance of the transducer, which converts the electrical signal into mechanical vibration./n/nA more perfect ultrasonic generator should also have a feedback link, mainly to provide two aspects of the feedback signal: the first is to provide output power signal, we know when the generator power supply (voltage) changes. The output power of the generator will also change, which is reflected in the transducer mechanical vibration is big and small, resulting in unstable cleaning effect. Therefore, it is necessary to stabilize the output power and adjust the power amplifier through the power feedback signal to make the power amplifier stable.