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What is the application range of automobile parts ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-09-30Number: 190

The automobile industry is a very important pillar industry of the national economy, now basically every household has a car, not only more and more car brands, more and more types of cars. In the manufacturing process of the automobile, the contamination sources adhered to the surface of automotive precision metal parts are various kinds of grease, refrigerant, grinding and polishing organic compounds, which are commonly used in the production of scrap metal, dust, oil stains and manufacturing processes, because the process is more natural, but also including workshop stains, imprints, finger grease and so on. The emergence of such pollution source stains, so that the precision of a substantial reduction, a serious impact on the automobile production and manufacturing process.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

Cleaning area

Carburetor, engine block, tire bead, tire, automobile front axle, automobile rear axle, lower swing arm, ball head, spiral spring, valve body, drive shaft, hub, crankshaft, Bush, gear shaft, automobile spark plug, fuel nozzle, clutch pressure plate, clutch plate, vacuum booster pump, piston rod, headlamp, Door Mirror, sensor, shock absorber, centrifugal water pump, tap water pipe, heat pipe radiator, air conditioning system, motor, compressor, etc. .

The cleaning of the traditional automobile industry is usually done by using high-pressure water, together with various chemical solvents and cleaning agents. It wastes a lot of water resources, at the same time clean down the stains and impurities with organic compounds waste water, destruction, environmental pollution. The ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts the combination of the physical cleaning effect of the ultrasonic technology and the chemical effect of the cleaning medium to improve the selection of the ultrasonic frequency band and power, complete the internal and external parts of the oil stains, carbon accumulation, glue and other stains of the full cleaning, to achieve efficient, clean needs. With the progress of Science and technology and the development of automobile maintenance industry, some new technologies, new production processes, new materials, new machines appear in automobile maintenance. They can not only improve the vehicle's maintenance speed and quality, but also improve the vehicle's stability and improve the vehicle's service life. At the same time, they can also reduce the vehicle maintenance costs and reduce maintenance costs, let the enterprise get relatively high economic benefits.

In the production, manufacture and maintenance of automobile, all kinds of automobile parts need to be cleaned and classified. Manual operation is not only inefficient, cleaning quality is not very good; the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine parts, the main purpose is to detect and sort parts, so that parts can be found damaged and immediately repaired; Second, ensure the quality of maintenance and installation. At present, there are also some multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, single-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, such as automotive parts cleaning equipment, can clean a large number of parts.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine not only has stable performance, faster cleaning speed and high quality, but also is safe, reliable, environment-friendly and energy-saving, overcome the auto parts cleaning thorny problem, these will eventually play a very important role in the automotive industry.