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What is the concept of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-10-12Number: 149

In today's society, there are too many things that need to be cleaned, and there are also too many kinds of cleaning. The common manual cleaning methods can no longer meet the requirements, so this is the ultrasonic cleaning technology is increasingly widely used in various fields.

In the field of industrial cleaning, especially in the cleaning stage where fineness and cleanliness are required, ultrasonic cleaning can meet the precision and personalized cleaning requirements of automobile manufacturing, aerospace, instrumentation, hardware equipment, electronic and electrical equipment, vacuum coating, optical instruments, medical equipment and so on. This is recognized by the international cleaning efficiency of the highest, the best industrial cleaning method, cleaning efficiency of 98% above, access to all fields of pursuit.

High frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine

The ultrasonic cleaning technology is high, the cleaning speed is faster, the cleaning time is short, the operation is convenient. It can also clean the grooves, deep holes, narrow slits and hidden parts of the equipment, and also can remove oil, rust and oxide. It can also be used in combination with full-automatic cleaning and sterilizer to facilitate the realization of mechanization and automation.

Ultrasonic is a mechanical wave, is a sound wave. The human ear can hear the frequency of sound waves in the 16-20000 Hz or so, so the frequency of more than 20 khz of sound is called ultrasound. When the high frequency vibration (28 ~ 40 khz) above the sound wave is transmitted to the cleaning medium, the ultrasonic wave transmits to the water by the interactive transformation of the pressure and tension of the high frequency, the“Vacuum” nuclear group bubbles are created in water. Under pressure, the obvious impact caused by the cracking of the“Vacuum” nuclear group Bubbles knocks the dirt off the surface of the object, and the surface layer of the dirt is peeled off, in order to achieve the goal of precision cleaning, this process is called“Cavitation effect.”.

Ultrasonic propagation principle: cavitation is divided into four stages. The first stage: with the reduction of pressure, promote the formation of a large number of bubbles; the second stage: the bubble continues to grow, according to different frequency bubbles increase to different sizes; three stages: the pressure increases, bubbles are compressed; Four stages: temperature rises until the bubble bursts, causing a micro-brush effect.

Direct flow: the condition in which ultrasonic waves propagate along the direction of sound in a liquid and cause the flow is called a direct flow. When the intensity of sound wave is 0.5 W/CM2, the direct inflow can be seen by naked eye, and the flow velocity is about 10 cm/s. The inflow makes the oil stain on the surface of the cleaned object be mixed, and the cleaning liquid on the surface of the stain also produces convection. The mixture of the dissolved wastes is mixed with the new liquid, which accelerates the dissolution, the removal of waste plays an important role. Ultrasonic waves propagate through the liquid, causing the liquid and the tank to vibrate together at ultrasonic frequencies. The liquid and the tank vibrate at their own natural frequencies. Such frequencies are the frequencies of sound waves, so people hear a hum.

Up to 20-30Khz ultrasonic cleaning machine, can deal with serious stains cleaning, suitable to remove hard stains, crusts and carbon deposits, etc. , used for cleaning machine parts, injection molds and all kinds of heavy pollution or need high-power processing parts.

30-60 khz ultrasonic cleaning machine, can solve some minor environmental pollution cleaning problems, such as certain medical equipment, surgery, pharmaceutical, watch jewelry, etc. need to be gently treated parts.

High frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine can also be used for computer, micro-electronic components, such as disk, drive, read-write head, liquid crystal glass and flat panel display, cleaning of micro-components and polished metal parts ultrasonic cleaning is more suitable for the cleaning of integrated circuit boards, silicon wafers and thin films, etc. . It can remove micron and sub-micron level waste without any damage to the cleaning parts, and does not form cavitation effect, because the cleaning directivity is strong, the cleaned parts are generally placed in the direction parallel to the beam.