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What is the degassing function of the ultrasonic cleaner?

Date: 2022-10-21Number: 217

The research and application of ultrasonic cleaning technology, cleaning process and the development of its equipment have a history of nearly 60 or 70 years in China, although the equipment or process have obtained a considerable development trend, in which degassing, sweep frequency is in this one or two.

At present, ultrasonic cleaning technology has been applied in many fields, the application of ultrasonic cleaning machine is also a lot of people, for the new contact with the ultrasonic cleaning machine may have some such a problem, what is degassing? What is frequency scanning? What does this function do? What effect it can bring. In view of this problem, the next together to explore the degassing and sweep frequency is what is going on?

ultrasonic cleaning machine

How to understand the air of liberation?

Degassing is to eliminate the dissolved gas in the cleaning liquid, so that the cleaning liquid can better become the transmission of ultrasonic medium.

Ultrasonic vibration energy radiation will also be cleaning fluid in the air concentration of considerable harm, if more residual gas in the cleaning fluid, often hinder the spread of ultrasound, thus reducing the cleaning force. Therefore, the degassing device can be used to discharge the gas in the cleaning solution, thereby effectively improving the cleaning effect.

In addition, will clean the gas in the liquid after the elimination, the workpiece in the air residue is very small under the condition of cleaning, can effectively completely solve in the cleaning link caused by oxidation.

How to understand sweep frequency?

Sweep frequency is the cycle of ultrasonic frequency in a certain range, which can improve the structure of ultrasonic field in ultrasonic cleaning tank.

Sticking to a fixed frequency of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is very restrictive, because some parameters, such as water temperature, cleaning volume, and so on, are prone to resonance frequency drift, resulting in changes in sound power, will affect the cleaning effect.

The periodic change of the output frequency of the ultrasonic generator in a certain range can reduce the harm of some parameters to the ultrasonic power and improve the stability of the sound intensity in the cleaning fluid, the non-uniformity of ultrasonic field in the groove body is completely solved, and the uniform cleaning effect of the workpiece is kept consistent.