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What is the role of ultrasonic cleaning machine in the laboratory?

Date: 2022-09-29Number: 193

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is now the medical device industry, research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and other extremely important cleaning equipment, in daily life is also well-known. For just contact with the ultrasonic cleaning machine work personnel may have some doubts, what is degassing? What is swept frequency? What is variation? What is the function used for? In view of this situation, today together to study the degassing, frequency sweep and wave variation in the end is what is going on?

ultrasonic cleaning machine

01 degassing effect

When the ultrasonic wave acts on the cleaning solution, it will form the pressure of replacement work. When the ultrasonic wave used for the ultrasonic cavitation valve propagates in the cleaning solution, it can produce the ultrasonic cavitation bubble, can greatly enhance the gas from the cleaning solution to the bubble transmission speed. If the negative pressure appears again after the cavitation bubble is created, then the cavitation bubble will expand many times its original size. In this case, the cavitation bubble will increase the explosion time after time. During the degassing effect of ultrasonic cleaning machine, the gas in the cleaning solution can enter the cavitation bubble by directional diffusion, and when the bubble explodes, the gas will escape from the bubble, thus forming the degassing effect.

The degassing effect of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is usually to use the directional diffusion of ultrasound. If the cleaning solution produces cavitation, there is indeed air in it. The degassing effect is to exhaust the air of the cleaning liquid, reducing the bubble resistance of ultrasonic cavitation reaction and improving the cleaning efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning machine can better achieve the cleaning goal and improve the actual cleaning effect.

In addition, the cleaning fluid gas discharge, the workpiece in the air residue is very small under the condition of cleaning, can fundamentally solve the problem of oxidation in the cleaning process

02 wave variation

Now the ultrasonic cleaning machine is also equipped with dual-power, and the purpose of the wave is to change the ultrasonic power, and then change the cleaning effect. The effect of cavitation is different with the power of ultrasound. The bigger the power is, the bigger the bubble is, the weaker the penetration force is, and the higher the cleaning force is. The lower the power, the smaller the bubbles produced, and the higher the penetration force, thus the lower the corresponding cleaning force.

03 sweep frequency plays an important role

In view of some parameters, such as the change of water temperature and cleaning quantity, it is easy to produce the drift technique of resonant frequency, and then affect the actual effect of cleaning.

Sweep frequency is the ultrasonic frequency in the cleaning process within a certain range of cyclic sweep, such working mode can not only prevent a single frequency sustained high-frequency vibration of the components caused by resonance damage, also can optimize the cavitation bubble in the cleaning tank, and improve the overall cleaning effect.