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What kind of medical equipment is the ultrasonic cleaning machine suitable for?

Date: 2022-10-08Number: 271

Therefore, many modern medical machinery commonly used in the cutting-edge technology is heat-sensitive, this medical machinery can not be used high-pressure steam cleaning and high-pressure sterilization. Components such as electronics and fiber optics may break down at high temperatures, but manual cleaning at room temperature is not an ideal solution. Cleaning with a brush and rag is time-consuming and not always effective for complex equipment.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is the best way for medical institutions to maintain their high-tech equipment and equipment cleaning and aseptic operation. The high frequency sound wave generated by the medical ultrasonic cleaning machine can quickly and effectively remove the pollutants and particles on the surface of the parts. Organic and other contaminants are removed and can be washed away. Components are also disinfected if an approved disinfectant is added to the cleaning solution. Medical personnel can place equipment and instruments in an ultrasonic cleaning tank, set a timer, and then go back to remove the cleaning and aseptic operation of the components. In addition to the excellent cleaning performance, the ultrasonic cleaning system also has the advantages of low-cost and completely safe cleaning.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean any medical machinery or equipment

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is especially important for temperature-sensitive medical equipment, but most of the medical equipment cleaning requirements can be met by the use of a reasonable design of ultrasonic cleaning system. Medical devices have different cleaning requirements, including:

Components such as implants or new machines will most likely have to be cleaned before operation, as they may be contaminated by manufacturing residues.

Medical equipment. Systems suitable for monitoring patients and other equipment used in wards may be contaminated by pathogens and must be cleaned.

Equipment and equipment that can be reused. Surgical tools and equipment, such as endoscopes, require removal of organic matter from the patient during surgery.

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machines can provide efficient cleaning and disinfection solutions for these different types of tasks. In each case, the ultrasound is applied to any area where a cleaning solution is present, especially inside pipes and nozzles, along the edges of complex shapes such as lights and cameras, and on the rough surface layer, hinge or fastener thereof. No manual pre-cleaning is required and contamination removal is reliable and complete.

The ultrasonic system gives the necessary cleaning and additional benefits

Although ultrasonic cleaning machines play a key role in cleaning medical devices that can not be completely steam-cleaned and sterilized, they are used more widely. When applied to the cleaning of most medical devices and products, they can provide significant benefits, including:

Improve cleaning methods. Even after sterilization, contamination often remains in areas of the complex machine that can not be reached. This residue can also cause infection. Ultrasonic cleaning can remove all the contamination and improve the therapeutic effect of patients.

Control costs. Traditional cleaning methods include immersion in an organic solvent and manual cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning avoids the use of most organic solvents and reduces the cleaning time, thus saving money.

Increased security. Medical personnel may be stabbed and cut while manually cleaning surgical instruments and other sharp objects. Under ultrasonic cleaning, no manual scrubbing and wiping of sharp tools is required.

The application of ultrasonic cleaning machines dedicated to medical equipment can lead to better overall medical equipment performance. With relatively low costs, lower staff injuries and better patient care, medical devices can improve performance indicator.