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What kind of washing machine is used in the laboratory?

Date: 2022-10-11Number: 222

With the continuous development and expansion of laboratory projects, the team of all kinds of bottles and cans that must be cleaned has gradually developed and expanded, for example, capacity bottles, sampling vials, wide-mouth bottles, conical bottles, capacity bottles, capacity bottles and so on, human cleaning must consume a large number of human, material and financial resources, more and more enterprises began to master or purchase a laboratory cleaning machine, which has gradually formed a general trend.

desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine

First, what is called laboratory cleaning software

Laboratory washing machine is also called automatic container washing machine, container washing machine, laboratory washing machine, desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine; It is suitable for various laboratories such as pharmaceutical enterprises, disease prevention systems, scientific research institutions, ecological and environmental protection, water systems, medical institutions, petrochemical systems, power supply systems and so on to clean and dry the sampling bottles, test tubes, measuring cups, volumetric bottles, conical bottles, volumetric bottles and so on, service purpose depends on"Clean and efficient clean laboratory container".

Second, choose a suitable for their own cleaning machine should pay attention to what?

1, the two cleaning machine can achieve the required cleaning effect?

Automatic cleaning machine according to the automatic system control cleaning process and data monitoring important cleaning main parameters, complete the container of automation, standardization cleaning, can be verified by spray coverage oh.

How many bottles can these two washing machines wash?

According to the user's laboratory cleaning quantity and different kinds of bottles to be cleaned to be equipped with different specifications of the cleaning rack, to meet the requirements of various customer cleaning number.

What are the basic principles of cleaning?

Using the high efficiency circulation pump imported from Europe, the rotating spray arm of the flat nozzle is optimized, and the cleaning fluid and neutralizer are added automatically to maximize the automatic cleaning of all kinds of laboratory equipment bottles, clean compliance with ENISO12100, ENISO15883 and other specifications oh.